08.24.10: Random Stuff About Me & Thoughts About Life

I just felt compelled to share some truly random stuff today. The correct response to what you read is in fact - who the hell cares?? This will not offend me in any way, shape or form.

1. I like pillows. Feather pillows that are squishy and "smell like me"...and lots of them. Currently I have 8 on my bed and will at some point in the sleeping process, utilize all of them.
1A. I give a new definition to the phrase "toss and turn" as I'm trying to fall asleep.
1B. Would of course be that I'm glad I'm single cause it's so bad it could be considered grounds for a divorce.
1C. is that all parts of #1 are just TMI...

Oh, no wait, 1D is going to be TMI.

1D. I will pick one pillow to mainly sleep with night after night and keep it until there are so few feathers in it, that it fits into a one gallon Ziploc bag...then I'll start the process over with a new one. I unexplainably become attached to A pillow. I took note that my Mom slept face down in her feather pillows which I think at some point scarred me for life when I was a child.

2. I love my dogs. What I love most is my morning time with them. Each is good about taking their turn...one will come close and plop down to get his belly rubs. He spends countless time on his back wiggling back and forth to scratch his back. When he is satisfied (or I reach muscle failure) he will jump off the bed and do his famous full body shake/phlegm shake. Then the other comes close enough and sits down. He likes to get his chest rubbed and I love to mess with his "cow licks". In both cases it leads to fits of happy sneezing and a paw reaching out as if to say "don't stop".

3. I'm not a fan of driving. Wait, that's not a strong enough conveyance...I hate driving. I do however love going out and getting lost...I just wish someone else would do the driving. I've run across some really great places when I've been lost! Oh, I truly believe that a car is a utility for life. I derive no joy out of "a car"...it just needs to run consistently and get me from point A to point B.

4. I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week and my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Speaking of food, I like peanut butter, but not really peanuts. Milk is my beverage of choice. If it doesn't contain chocolate, then it's not "a dessert". I pour over recipes and love looking at them, but rarely cook these days. By rarely I mean never. "Cooking for one" just pisses me off. I hate leftovers.

5. I enjoy reading beyond belief. It's a total escape. I like to be entertained and I appreciate when a story unfolds as I read it. In other words I don't want to be able to guess what's going to happen.

6. I hate scary movies...hate. Life is too stinkin' short to watch them. In the same way as reading, I want to be entertained. I don't mind crying sometimes, but I really want to laugh...a lot.

7. I have family traits, which as I become older, appreciate more and more. Ok, appreciate would be too strong of a word, but here's what I possess in the way of "family traits": chubby cheeks, a shelf butt, "breeding hips", and thick ankles. If you see a photo of my father and I you will have no doubts that I am his child...spitting image except that I have more hair.

8. I must have "a breeze" all the time - any given season. In my house my ceiling fans go 24/7. While driving  in my car my friends have said - geeze Caryn it's like a tornado in here!

9. I denounce cable in my home - I have a TV, but no cable. This stems from the fact that I have an addictive personality...if I had cable within a year I would appear on the Jerry Springer show explaining why I was a 1000 lb woman who is unable to leave her home. When I put a movie in I will inevitably get up and start doing something else and let it run as background noise.

10. I will let mail pile up on my desk for almost a month before I even feel a twinge of guilt to do something about it. Then it gets sorted, read, and everything that needs to be filed will go into a neat pile...that will then sit some place else for several months before I get around to filing it.

11. I truly believe that life, people, situations etc can be explained by saying "It is what it is". Life is too short to judge and/or hate or spend countless moments of your life playing the "what if" game and asking "but whyyyy.....". I'm not saying be a doormat for life - just realize that most times...it is what it is.

12. Acne past the age of 20 is just proof that God has a sense of humor. After 30 it's just God "messing with you".

13. The more I make life less "about me" the more I love my life. Being single...this is harder than it sounds.

At 3:30 this morning I couldn't stop thinking about this stupid list, but refused to get out of bed to add them. Yes, it's exhausting to be me.

14. I could have done without ever knowing the pre Star Wars story. Numbers III, IV and V are complete as they are and the best of the entire series. Numbers I, II & III ruin the originality of the others. I think this stems from the idea that I'm not real fond of movie re-makes either...why mess with perfection? Having said that, go watch the very first ORIGINAL Pink Panther movie.

15. I am leery to say that a movie "changed my life", but I am more than willing to concede that I have been moved deeply by a couple of them. First is "Bed of Roses" and I think it did so because of the stage I was in my life when I first saw it. Second was "The Color Purple" & my mother introduced me to it. I sat BAWLING on the couch with her and I remember having a physical, deeply saddening reaction at a couple of points during it. I saw "Eat, Love, Pray" today (8/24/10) and think that this one spoke to me - again because of where I am in my life. I cried a couple of times and thought - has someone been inside my head taking notes?

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  1. Stephanie Driver8/24/2010

    Happy Birthday!! I had so much fun visiting with you today! We need to get together more often. I love this blog by the way, and am finding more similarities between us, haha. Such as: feather pillows, peanut butter, and scary movies! However, I must add sophomoric humor to that list also. I wish I watched less TV, I wish even more I had more patience not to let my kids watch as much TV. Maybe that will be my goal this year, as if I need another one, haha. We should go out one Sat, (just us) and go someplace unique and take a bunch of pics. I really want to learn to take better ones, and I know I could learn alot from you!
    Talk to you soon!
    P.S. YOu should come over one night and scrapbook with me too, if you're interested.