Inside My Mind

Welcome! You'll be seriously glad you started here first...It explains a lot.

Stuff That Chaps My Khaki’s...

  • Marzipan
  • Musicals
  • Windchimes
  • Breaking the rules
  • Practical jokes
  • “Smacking” your bubble gum
  • Clingy shower curtains
  • My cooking disasters...of which there are many
  • Dragging your feet when you walk
  • Not returning a shopping cart to a designated area
  • Being called “Sweetie” & “Honey” by a young person

Of This I Am Sure...

  • God is making the way
  • The more I learn about & experience God, the more I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I know almost nothing, but what I DO know - I KNOW...and I'm ok with that 
  • Prayer & tithing work
  • There is great value in a road trip
  • Photography & writing bring me actual joy
  • My fridge will always contain milk and cheese
  • Spray on sunblock is the best invention EVER
  • Laugh lines & wrinkles mean I’ve smiled and laughed a lot in my life, not that I'm getting old
  • There is a difference between flattery & a compliment...I prefer the latter
  • If you find a roll of Life Savers in my purse, you can rest assured my dog Dudley had “familiarized” himself with the top one
  • At my age...this list should be longer

When The Dog Bites, When The Bee Stings...

  • Friday mornings with Terri & Becca...Sunday mornings with Terri & Becca, Monday nights with Becca, and Thursday mornings...well, you get the idea. 
  • Chocolate Chip or Coconut Dream cookies. Not much these two things don't fix.
  • Chocolate Mint ice cream
  • Feather pillows 
  • That crunchy sound a good down comforter makes when you flail around
  • Teva flip flops
  • Photography
  • J’Adore perfume
  • Books on CD
  • Sweet tea
  • Jim Caviezel, Dermont Mulroney and the ENTIRE male cast of MI-5 (Spooks)

Books That Shaped My Life...

  • The Bible...seriously - best seller for like 2000+ years. It's still relevant for today and I'm living proof of that. 
  • The Final Quest | Rick gives a tangible vision for what spiritual warfare looks like - very powerful!
  • Intercessory Prayer | Dutch Sheets...the nuts & bolts of what it is, what it looks like, and it pumped me up to learn more and stretch my wings (so to speak).
  • Kingdom Principles | Myles speaks to the true "identity" of who I am as a believer and helped focus my eternal perspective.
  • The Five Love Languages | Gary Chapman...I've made egregious errors in the gift of being able to love and to be loved. It helped explain a lot that I didn't have words for.
  • Forgotten God | Francis amazing view of getting to know the Holy Spirit. 
  • Crazy Love | Francis Chan...the title speaks for itself. 
  • Seven Longings of the Human Heart | Mike Bickle...I spent a few weeks reading the book and kept saying - YES! TRUE! AWESOME! I think the specific seven longings he taps into are universal and help explain (give words to) so much of why and what I think and feel.

I Think It's Worth The Time...

  • Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell
  • Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracy 
  • The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers
  • High Society with Grace Kelley
  • Ghostbusters     
  • The Incredibles  
  • Salmon Fishing in Yemen
  • People Like Us               
  • Fireproof                                
  • Flywheel 
  • Courageous                              
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Bobby Jones
  • The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
  • Secretariat     
  • Enchanted   
  • Bed of Roses                
  • Hatari    
  • Emperor's New Groove                  
  • To Catch A Thief
  • Star Wars III, IV, V
  • Operation Petticoat
  • Under The Tuscan Sun
  • The Bishops Wife with Cary Grant
  • I Love Lucy
  • Doc Martin                           
  • MI-5 (Also called Spooks)
  • Monarch of the Glen 
  • Downtown Abbey

If you feel inclined to tell me!!

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