08.31.13 - In A Car With Dad, Learning The Father’s Love, Chasing Lions

I do not believe it was a mistake to be drawn to a book about becoming a “lion chaser” in this season of my life. At one point in “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson, I came face to face with two vivid memories when I read... 

“We want control, but the decision to follow Christ is a relinquishment 
of control. Following Christ is letting Jesus take the wheel
Of course some of us act like backseat drivers.” 

The first thought was from my childhood. I was sitting in a big Cadillac with my Dad behind the wheel, Grandmother at my flank, my Mom and brother in the back seat, with a few others packed in as the law allowed. It was Christmas Eve and we were tooling the streets of Louisville, KY gawking at the Griswold style decorations for what felt like hours. They visited old haunts and recalled childhood memories as if they were the only people in the car. I fear as though the husbands of my best friends must know that exact feeling when we get together. 

Only moments later I was in my 30’s. I could recall what it felt like being with my Dad in the car. Every outing was an adventure. I would sink into the seat of his latest “couch on wheels Cadillac” and hear jazz playing in the background. I could even remember what the sunlight felt like on my face and how it helped me let go of every thought and worry, once the car was in drive. He had a plan and said he knew how to get there. Sometimes “taking the scenic route” meant we were lost, but it was always fun. With Him behind the wheel I could truly enjoy the ride. 

It’s as if God was recalling the memories and feelings, and then putting me face to face with a “today” opportunity. I felt him saying - remember how you felt when you were with your Dad? I want you to feel that way with Me. Allow me into your heart a little further...I’ll drive.That freedom & adventure you felt then, is still out there...let me show you how to become a lion chaser. 

I somehow feel that if I don’t say yes to this opportunity, I’ll take a detour in life...I’ll still be headed in the right direction, just not taking the most direct route. I only know to say yes. Literally - that’s it. That’s all I “know.” That’s all I think “I know.”

This could be Him pulling the car over because He needs a break from the questions I continue to hurl from the back seat... 

God, are you sure? Where are you taking me? When is this season going to end? Are you still going to take care of me? You want me to do what? really - are you sure about this?? Jesus - hey can you see if God is still awake cause He’s not answering me? Holy Spirit, seriously - where are we going?

But He’s a big God capable of fielding my questions with ease. And memories like those are never a mistake when He connects them to a decision in my present. And the car is never in Park for long, spiritually speaking. 

Am I going to let Him drive as He shows me how to become a lion chaser? 

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the opportunity He’s presenting me with. 

I feel a great freedom knowing that “life” is a process, and that God is the one person who will forever be constant & faithful on the trip. There is something exciting about knowing an opportunity from God is a chance to go a little faster - even when I have no idea where we’re going, or what we’ll do when we get there. I can come with an expectant heart because the greatest rewards come when I say yes & trust. The greatest regrets come when I don’t believe & ultimately say no. I have to remember...

  • I’ve asked Him to drive. 
  • There IS freedom in relinquishing control.
  • He will speak - if I shut my pie-hole long enough.
  • He has a plan, and He has a contingency plan when I jerk the wheel. 
  • And the process will be an adventure...most likely it will leave me with some battle scars and fabulous stories which start out “And then I did this and I KNEW God was going to have to show up because...” 

HONK! HONK! Watch out...the ride is about to begin and it may get a little bumpy!