09.06.10: Two Weeks...Really?

I'm trying to remember the last instance in which time flew this fast. It has been two weeks since I last posted something - and I feel the need to tell you what I've done in that two weeks...

Celebrated my 39th birthday and soooooo appreciated every phone call, text, email, FB post, card and was amazing. Suffice to say I spent much time laughing and being very grateful!! I had a Cami Cake on my actual birthday and since I consider it a week-long-worthy occasion I did something every day - most of which I will not share...cause I'm selfish like that

Tasted the difference between a "cook" and a "chef". I like chef's.

Got a pretty pink pedicure...totally decadent

Got to spend some time with Baby J and photograph his tiny fingers and toes. Yep, still no maternal instinct or biological clock ticking here...move along, move along.

Spent endless & wonderful days with Pix at my Favorite Place on Earth as a time to reset and recharge. We managed to photograph every single inch of the place and were so tired one night we fell asleep in our clothes while the photos downloaded to our computers. It was a privilege to see the parks through a new set of eyes..and stomach!

Made a new friend, Kathy, and compared tattoos - although this was not how or why we became friends. She was a gentle reminder from God to me. Might tell you about that later...

Attended the wedding of Simon & Kim which was this amazing blend of Indian and American traditions, food and dance. I have never seen family & friends so dedicated to a cause!!! Kim's dad was the one who married them - how cool is that???

Helped a couple of friends do some mundane chores like housework

Received my invitation for my 20 year high school reunion....ummm, no

Lost my phone...again. As of today I still have no idea where it is. Can someone keep calling me till I find it please?

Painted a large serving platter

Finished a couple of books, two audiobooks and saw a movie. I am currently looking for a movie that was due...oh...sometime last week. This place is a wreck!

Watched one of my boys become painfully sick and thought he was going to die, no joke. When it comes to my boys I'm a useless heap of irrational emotions. He's back to his normal self - normal being a relative term here.

Cleaned up MORE than my share of dog puke

Danced, drove, laughed, cried, ate, & walked till I could do it no more

Took SO many photos then uploaded and edited them. When I pick up my camera now, my right eye automatically squints. I think I squint when I SEE a camera too...

Impersonated a potential bride-to-be and sampled cake at an Open House for a wedding pavilion which I had been dying to photograph. Nope, not ashamed.

Saw the backside of Lou Mongello - fully clothed, but still...just the backside.

Cooked...ugh! And to think I almost went to college to be a chef!

Created a vacation memory book for a friend...loved using that creative side to my brain and now that I think about it, am really grateful to have that side!

Gained an unholy amount of weight because of some seriously decadent food and am paying the price now. It's not pretty, and taking it off is not going to be pretty either. Crap.

Slept like 4 hours total

Slight exaggeration on a couple of those things but not by much. It seems like a rather short list considering it was 336 hours of life to live! Here's the funny thing about life though...retrospect.

Sitting here on my couch, taking this time to remember a whirlwind two weeks, I've realized one very important thing that pertains to nothing on that list...I can't run on a spiritual empty. The last time I was AT church was August 22nd and I was back working with the kids. I enjoy it, but it really is a day of "service" for me because I end up missing the sermon. I'm so grateful for podcasts (which our church does) but sitting on my couch or driving in my car is no where close to being in the front row, hearing my pastor pray, getting hugs from friends, laughing and singing to the point of overflowing.

If I look at my heart like a gas tank, to be "FULL" means that I get a daily word from God. I'm renewed in my faith and friendships by their words and actions and in the sharing of our lives. One of the many opportunities to grow is on Sunday when I get to hear the word of God come out of my pastor's mouth "like grace filled thunder". "FULL" means that I feel His presence and acknowledge Him in ALL that I do.

"EMPTY" on the other hand is where I think I've been living these last two weeks even in the wonderful moments I experienced. Maybe it is the realization of what's really important in life. It's never going to be the "things" in life that matter. It's going to be the "moments" and "relationships" which make each day, each hour more memorable than the next.

The more that God reveals Himself to me, the easier it is to see what a "balanced life" means and what it should incorporate. I pray that He will reveal his heart to you today and help you find the balance that you need in order to live out the life He has laid before you!

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