08.10.10: Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy!!

Welcome to my Tuesday! Just random thoughts...

I was at Tires Plus this morning at 7 a.m.. Why? Because as I sat at my desk yesterday and looked out onto my car I thought...humm - what is that silver thing on the back of my tire??? Turns out it was the steel belts inside my tire which were now visible. Thanks to God I had the money to get new ones!!

Got to stop off at church today and wish my pastor a big ole Happy Birthday! He was celebrating by having a staff meeting - such the party animal. Jeff is on the left in the photo below. LOVE YA MAN & THANKS FOR BEING MY PASTOR!!!

Found this little gem on my way home...

This candle comes inside a pretty box & tells the story of the scent...which I will spare you the marketing verbiage. Suffice to say it is supposed to smell like a lotus flower along the Nile River. Not sure I'll ever be able to verify that in my lifetime, but hey it does smell fantastic. I think romantic is the best word I could use - a little girly, a little manly, clean, nothing too overpowering but definitely has a noticeable scent.  

I stood there at the display inhaling it and think I made the sales lady a bit uncomfortable. I think maybe it was the moaning and groaning...normally candles don't have that effect on me. 

So anyway, I like the details on the glass jar too. Each one has a funky kind of modern design in cool colors. I found it at a place called Artsy Abode - which I don't think is a nationwide chain. For your sake I hope you can find a retailer near you...then you'll understand why I'll be holing up in one of my rooms today and not coming out till it's all gone. :) Too bad they don't have "smell-o-screen" cause they have a website, Thyme

Other things from this week/weekend...

This is Carrie. She likes to carry around a basketball under her shirt. 

She's currently 8 1/2 months pregnant and is willing this second child out of her as if her life depended on it. Kidding. I am amazed at how perfectly round her belly is though - which is why I took her picture. Can't say I understand why she let me take it, but she's a "giver" like that. 

It takes everything in me to not run up to her and "rub the belly"...everything...in...me. Just a little FYI - if you are looking to become pregnant, come drink the water at our church. Sorry, random thoughts there. LOVE THE BELLY!! 

Last random thought for the day: soda pop. I've discovered this whole world of speciality glass bottled sodas which have peaked my interest. 

The page I will be adding to this blog is going to be called "The Soda Pop Experiment" and will be just a short review of the new and unusual flavors I find while I'm out and about. It's a lot-o-sugar, so I'm pacing myself with what I find!! Let me know if you have any suggestions for ones to try! It's funny because this entire idea was planted in my head over a year ago when I saw a video about The Soda Pop Man who owns Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles. Loved, loved, loved to hear how he made a business out of it. When someone has a passion for something I'm always mesmerized to hear them talk about it...they just suck you into their little world. Hope you enjoy the page and maybe it sparks you to try something new!! Watch the video!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today & have a great rest to your week!!

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