08.05.10: Life From A 4 Year Old's Point Of View

On Thursday a friend saved me from hours of sleeping in a comfy bed and finishing up a good book, taking a leisurely shower and goofing around on my computer all day. Yeah, thanks. I'm kidding!!!

It was a wonderful day and I got to feel useful for a change AND....AND I got to see life from the perspective of a 4 year old in the form of pictures. A 4 year old who did not stop talking from 8:30 this morning till 3:30 this afternoon. When she stopped talking for 2 1/2 seconds she fell asleep. I envied her the last 15 minutes of the car ride because she looked so at peace.

So the point? The point is that in between the times of some good old fashioned manual labor, this 4 year old discovered that she was not shy around me anymore AND that I had a camera. A quick reminder to hold on tight to it and she was off taking pictures of the house we were working on. So here you of what's really important to a 4 year old. Or should I say available to be photographed by a 4 year old.

Now this next series went like this...
Her - Ok make this face.
Me - Ok. (And she took the photo)
Her - Ok now take a picture of me making that face
Me - Ok. (And I took the photo)
Her - Ok, now do "this"
Me - Ok. (And she took the photo)
Her - Ok, now do "that"
Me - Ok. (And I took the photo)

See how that works? You just do it. You do it because it makes them happy, it makes them laugh & it makes you laugh and most important you forget you're an adult and just enjoy the moment and it doesn't matter if you look good or not. Let me also say that there was a bit of spinning around like we had lost our minds and falling down. It's good to be me...

Oh and before I forget I have a new name's Ba-Ba. Now she can SAY my name and she KNOWS my name...but this is what she is choosing to call me. Life is good.

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  1. Amanda Armstrong8/08/2010

    That is so funny! Four year-olds are some of the most random people on the planet! Conner woke me up one morning by poking me in the forehead and telling me he "NEEDED" a burrito.