10.28.10: The Armstrong's Invade!!

What a great week! My cousin and her team of a thousand came for their annual summer visit this week!! Although these photos were from the last night, I felt obliged to post THESE and NOT the photos of us almost falling asleep in the pool or being knocked down by the waves. Just simple photos to show smiling faces from a week long food/laugh/trash/ocean/pool - fest. 

This is the "and crew"...Meredith, her daughter the softball queen (mark my words, you'll hear her name again) and niece (is that right?) If you ever meet Meredith there is one imperative thing you have to ask...ask her to do her monkey face. You'll never be the same. Oh, and it's hereditary in case you are wondering. Thanks for some wonderful laughs Meredith!!

Thank you for a most relaxing and fun week in St. Augustine!!

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