07.07.10: Sprucing up the digs...

So today I had purpose. Besides my list of errands which took me to the ends of the Earth and back, my church had a "work day" instead of a "first Wednesday of the month" service. We're moving the staff into new offices...just the offices, not an actual church home. It will include a small cafe, several meeting rooms and PLENTY of space for the kids. I must say it's coming together wonderfully.

Tonight we concentrated on priming and painting the kids areas while other people hung doors and did floor treatments - oh, and did I mention there was no A/C Florida. I don't want that to come off like I was complaining...just surprised. I think Brian chimed in with - oh didn't you get that mental memo today? :) Mrs. Clause (Maggie) did make an appearance with some much needed fans, so THANK YOU!!

Well, I guess THE MOST important thing is that part of our home is coming together. The other half, we are praying, will be revealed soon. See we are turning our current digs/lease over to Journey Church of Orange Park. The day they moved into their current facility they were bursting at the seams. Couldn't be happier that they have this problem!!! God helped to create a win-win situation for them, us and the leasors, so to skip over all the details the short version is that we will be moving out 8/1. One of the things that spurred this move was the amount of rent we've been paying each month...$20,000. Believe me, I about choked when I heard that. The leadership team along with a whole lotta hard working people are walking out an amazing vision for OCF and the fact is that spending a Wednesday night painting was, for me, not only a high form of worship but is helping to make our vision come true. It was an honor!!

No members (or pretty Barbie pink pedicures done just hours before) were harmed during this evening of work - THANK GOODNESS!! The blog brought you by the Council of "That's Happened Before". Kidding (sort of).

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