06.16.10: Thoughts about men...

Wow, what a way to start my day! I was on PW’s site and was suddenly inspired to blog again. It has been a hair raising couple of weeks and time has slipped away faster than I ever imagine possible, so I’m glad to be sitting here this morning. Just finished breakfast and am sucking up as much A/C as humanly possible while the summer swelters on outside. My “to do” list grows longer the more I sit here, so I’ll get straight to the point.
PW, in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day, asked the question - if you could have dinner with any man dead or alive, who would it be? There is a black Kitchen-Aid mixed with all the bells and whistles up for grabs for answering this question, so here’s hoping the men in my life swing the vote in my favor!!
As I looked at some of the 15,000 responses I saw grandfather (great or otherwise) the most. I’ll have to second that. Both of mine, were handsome manly men, who passed away before I was even conscious of who they were. I indeed missed out. 
My father’s father, from the small tidbits I’ve heard, was stern & serious. The fact that I can be quite silly would have made interesting visits for sure. I can imagine him as the person I would have gone to for advice on life. I mention that because that is indeed the characteristic I admired greatly in my own father. More on him in a bit...
My mother’s father, for all intensive purposes, was the complete opposite. I think he and I would have been snug on the couch discussing matters of the heart and playing pranks on some poor unsuspecting victims. 
I also saw Jesus mentioned predominantly in the comments. For a split second I thought...well, there is one way to make sure that one happens! The idea of God living among us at some point on a new Earth...well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. If you want to be part of that discussion but aren’t sure, shoot me a quick email...I’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction to make sure you get to speak with Him!!
My pastor Jeff is on that list too. He’s alive...but always busy. I would love a few uninterrupted hours to ask him about himself and about God. Not only do I admire him as a man of God, but as a man as well. In fact, let me say that there are several married men in my church that offer wonderful examples of Godly men and restore my faith that God is still making and transforming men to seek after him. YEAH God!!
My answer to PW’s question? My answer was Cary Grant. My mother was a fan of his & now that I’m older, I totally get why. He was a wonderfully packaged display of a manly-man. His looks are unmatched even to this day. His voice lulls me into a happy place and his comedic sense of humor and timing are perfect. Suffice to say I am smitten with the characters he played on film to spite the fact that I know nothing of his personal life - which is why I would like to meet him. One of my “life rules” is that you may be the total package on the outside, but it means nothing if who you are on the inside is crap.  My;p[//////////7;[[/;;l.,,l, ;//.....sorry, that was Dudley who needed some attention and belly rubs RIGHT THIS MOMENT.
Speaking of dogs I would like to be able to sit and listen to what my dogs, both boys, think of me. I like to think that God enabled them with a translation device to understand the words I say. If you’ve never met my boys...don’t judge that statement :) 
In preparation of Father’s Day let me say a few words now and get some of the tears out so that Monday isn’t as, well...heartbreaking. My father passed away a few years ago. I saw his life end in the most bittersweet way I ever could have imagined would have been possible. 
He retired after working so very, very hard all of his life, then he began his second childhood. It ended almost as soon as it began. It's simply something I didn’t and don’t understand. While I can't over romanticize the man he was (cause he did have his flaws) the fact is that I saw his heart change. It changed in several ways which helped me appreciate him more as a man, rather than just as a father. What I do know is that his passing led me to a place in my own life which makes me never want to miss an opportunity to tell the people in my life that I love them. He sparked in me my love for photography, so for that I will be eternally thankful.
Sad on Father's Day (and even today)? Most definitely I am sad - but God is good and I have been given another day so it quickly turns to anticipation for the day I get to meet up with all of the amazing men who He created and have gone on before me. 
Happy early Father’s Day to some of God’s most wonderful creations!!


  1. I am as close to speechles as I am capable of. What a beautiful tribute to his memory. Love the picture..such a dapper Dad! I hadn't given Father's Day much thought...didn't even realize it was Monday and had no plans to commemorate it in anyway. Now I'll be thinking of you and your Dad and hoping the weight of your loss is lightened by the memory of the time you shared and your special relationship. I'm sure he is as proud to call you his daughter as I am to call you my friend.
    Love you!

  2. Aw Pix, thank you for those kind words!

    I can't imagine a day when Father's Day won't make me sad. My mom's passing was over 20 years ago and I still get all blue. So much of that selfishly comes from the season I am in my life right now. I get so very tired of feeling "all alone" (although I know that I know I am not) without them and so many times I wish to have their guidance and hugs. I don't feel mad at God, I just don't understand it. I guess "this too shall pass". :)

    Thank you again - I cherish the support and love you give me even though you're oh so far away. I appreciate you Pix.