03.10.10: The Week in Pictures

Wow, what a week at work. The "highlight" has been that I conducted a training class today! Granted it was for one person, but still! From the feedback it went really well & I'm happy to have had the experience. Moving on...

In the middle of our complex, there is a "protected wildlife area" (translation, mosquito breeding ground) and since Spring has essentially sprung here in Florida, it has come alive. All sorts of small birds, one beautiful Cardinal, a few really loud frogs, three sweet, sweet ducks, and one very beautiful crane. I've started carrying around my camera with me when I walk the boys, so here are a few shots from this week...ENJOY!

The Crane-a-nator on the hunt...

"Pretty bird...pretty bird"

Spring is finally springing! sweetie pie "wad-o-dog".

This is his normal "sleep mode position". Now, I ask you - how could I possibly walk by him and resist the urge to cover him with a blanket? Well, the truth is I simply can't...and he really hates it...but I do it any way cause I can't STAND to look at him like this. 
Go ahead, say it...SUCKER!!


  1. Sucker...

    Seriously, I am jealous of your nature preserve. Those were great pictures.


  2. Oh man girl these were just beautiful...gorgeous composition and perfect exposure!s

  3. I know - I can't help it!!

    Wow ladies - thank you for the compliments!