03.07.10: Part Two - My Bad Idea...

I just got this wild hair up my tush this morning and decided to skip church and head down to the beach to grab some sand (project that I'm doing) and maybe even find some more great shells. Not sure what I was thinking there...I only came back with two interesting photos...guess which ones. 

So there I was in Subway grabbing lunch when I look out the window and see this guy pecking around the parking lot. Kind of threw me off, but when in doubt...grab your camera! 
I've never seen a chicken/rooster these colors...pretty...tasty.

I pass by these farms on the way to the beach and hoped to get back in time to take some photographs. This little booger wanted NOTHING to do with me. As I walked towards her - she literally took off. This was the best shot I could get...a cows butt. If you've seen my 
Disney photo stream you know about par for the course. Ha!

Hope your Sunday is going great! Thanks for stopping by - have a great week. Hey - I added a  "Just for Fun" page with a trivia game and a Simon Says game so check it out if you've got some time to completely waste!

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