03.13.10: Volunteeer!!!

Today was my Give A Day, Get A, day!!

LUCKILY I signed up to volunteer just a day or so before Disney closed out the project. They reached their goal of 1 million volunteers in just over a month...WOW!!!  And a nice unexpected surprise for me...I can turn my one day ticket into a 4 day ticket for just $20 more!!! Not sure if that's only available to Florida residents, but again...WOW!! 

So I headed out to St. Augustine at 7 to earn my keep...

Arrival Time: NLT than 8:00 am

The Place: R. J. Murray Middle School

The People: 1 maintenance manager, 1 "checker-inner", 34 youth and adults. I've just gotta tell you - I was very impressed with the youth that showed up to do this project - all very considerate, respectful to each other, motivated, & enthusiastic. It really was a pleasure working along side them!!

The Opportunity: Paint two locker rooms in the fastest time possible...and we rocked it. 

For those of you who know me - this goes BEYOND ironic that I would voluntarily go paint a room. I have paint samples on my walls from 5 years ago, yet for some reason I read the description and went - oh heck yeah I'd do that!! Let me emphatically state - in no way did this motivated me enough to do anything at my house. Of course if someone were to bribe me in such a manner as Disney did, I could see myself making the same effort. Let me also say - as I sit here typing this I can feel my "old" kicking in. I'm just wondering...can I make dinner sitting down and using only one arm? I believe that's called the "Pizza Hut Method" of cooking, but I could be wrong. Not the point though...not the point.

We invaded around 8:15...

Left it looking fabulous...

And rolled out before 11:00!!!

As soon as we had Mr. Maintenance Man's ok, I almost got bum rushed but spoke loudly and asked "Would anyone be opposed to a group photo?" (insert blank stare) "It's for my blog." When I say this was a great group to work with, I mean it. They stayed another 10 minutes or so, till we could get everyone out front and situated. 

Thanks for a wonderful experience Disney & R.J. Murray Middle School!!!

If you are interested in volunteering in your community, but don't know where to start - go to the  Hands On Network  website. On the home page you'll see a "Search Volunteer Opportunities" place on the right. Have fun, good luck and get busy!!

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