03.07.10: Part One - Give A Day Get A Day

Just signed up to volunteer next weekend!! Hop on over to the Give A Day Get A Day site and check out the hundreds of opportunities in your area. Come on - in a time when it seems counterintuitive to give, take a tiny step out in faith and see how great it will make you feel. 

And if you're REALLY generous, you can donate your ticket to a charity. not that generous. I NEED to get back to Disney in 2010 or I'm going to have a mental breakdown. Ha! 


P.S. I LOVED Fozzy's jokes...this should tell you a lot about me. 


  1. Every time I saw the TV commercial for give a day get a day I thought of you! Don't know why I never mentioned it. So who are you giving your day to?

  2. Anonymous3/08/2010

    A school in St. Augustine - painting, grounds clean up etc. There were a ton of interesting opportunities for animals, charity events, book sales etc but I wanted to do it NOW before they run out of tickets. I humanitarism is overwhelming.