03.05.10: My Hero & What "Phhuuuuhh" Means

Ok, so this morning was just plain funny. To make a long story short, when I got home last night I KNEW, that I KNEW, that I KNEW, the very first thing I needed to do was stop and get gas…you already know don’t you…

I had to pay my electric bill too which meant I was going to take a different route to work. So, I set off on Blanding Blvd and see that gas is $2.73+ a gallon.

No way – it will be cheaper just a mile or so up the road.

Before I knew it I was coming up to the electric company, so I stop to drop off my check. Back out on Blanding, the next thing I see is BJ’s on my left...but their station doesn’t look open…keep plugging on.

But wait – why is my car losing power? Reality sets in – I’m actually running out of gas. This has never happened to me before so I can’t help but start laughing and crossing all my body parts for good luck!!

Ok, the light to turn in is green and no one is coming so I turn into BJ’s at “top speed”…it sputters…I feel all “abilities” as a human being leave me at that point…my face flashes red hot…I simply have no control over what’s going to happen and I hate that feeling…

I start coasting and make a sharp left turn past the steakhouse…

Coast down the hill and try to gain “speed” by scooting in my seat to urge the car on - as if in some magical way by doing this it will buy me an extra 50 yards…

Blow past the stop sign…I hope there’s not a policeman sitting in the parking lot watching me breakin’ the law...

The car’s going “phuuuuuuhhhh”…“phuuuuuuhhhh”...

It rolls to a complete stop less than 5 feet from the station entrance turn in.

Defeat. Ouch.

 I see two BJ’s employees walking in front of my car…I’m not beyond begging…

By the time I get out, they have made it to the “hut” and are behind the thick, bullet proof glass. When they see me, I can see they are curious but also very thankful to be on the other side of that glass. Ok, those emotion observations may be a bit exaggerated...a bit.

“Please, please, please tell me you are open – I ran out of gas right there (pointing emphatically) on the other side of that median” (Translation: please believe me, please don’t call security cause you think I’m crazy)

Mike and his compadre smile…”Sure! We’ll help you.”

Without missing a beat Mike says ‘Get in your car and I’ll give you a push – put the key in and turn it till you reach the start point, but don’t try to start it, then put it in neutral.”

He pushes. I steer. I coast. We stop.

As I start to fuel up he says “Whatever you do, don’t try to start it – just turn it on and let the fuel pump get the gas to the engine for a minute or so, then start it. Otherwise you’ll (insert technical jargon here) and it will cost you $800.”

“Oh wow, ok thank you!”

He waits patiently till I finish filling my tank. He says a quick recap of what he just told me. He smiles. I listen.

“Ok, now start it.”

I think he saw the relief on my face. He smiled again.

“Thank you sooooo much – what was your name?”


“Thanks Mike, I really appreciate it”

He smiled again and nodded as acknowledgment.

I stopped to thank the other gentleman too and left feeling…hopeful…thankful...for the kindness of strangers. The protectors & preservationists of “good”. 
My hero for Friday, March fifth, twenty-ten: Mike, the auto care manager from BJ’s on Blanding Boulevard.

 Psalm 91:11
“For He orders his angels to protect you wherever you go”

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