02.06.10: Love Is...

I had a good friend write me the other day and say 
“How am I supposed to live vicariously though you if you don’t post a blog?”
It made me laugh and say a word of thanks for that person. I knew at that moment, I was loved. 

Love is...sometimes complicated by what you say, infinitely assuring when it’s said correctly, can offer an exceeding amount of comfort, is occasionally expensive and even some times torturous.
Oh who am I kidding - it can be a million different things.
The pic I included speaks volumes about how I’ve felt about love for a while - like I’m carrying a heavy heart around by myself. I know there is no truth to that, but it doesn’t change how I feel. Big difference in the two and I’m “wise enough in my years” to know there is a difference. I know I am loved - wart’s and all. 
How do I know that? Well, it has taken copious amounts of time to know...that I know...that I know...I didn’t do it alone...lots of help. 
There’s a fabulous book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Without going into great detail (cause you really need to get the whole story & not just pick a category) you receive and give love in one of five ways:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service 
  • Physical Touch

Believe me, if you are breathing in and out, this book is of value to you. Learn more with some of these resources that can speak directly to whatever season of life you find yourself in.
Me? Thanks for asking...this is important now so listen up...there will be a quiz at the end. 

I feel loved when you give your Quality Time. However, I show love in two ways - Quality Time and Acts of Service. I need your time and I’ll give you mine. "Need" and "give" are such difficult words to convey on “paper”, but it really is a win-win. *smile*
I'm honored that it's a choice you made over a bazillion spend time with me.

I find it in the tone of your voice...when you take time to call.

I find it in a word of encouragement...when you take time to thoughtfully consider something we talked about and give me your opinion.
I find it in the action of "What would you think about me coming for a visit?"...and you do. 
I find it in an amazing hug...which you took time to give cause you remembered..."You hug just like my mom".

I’ve been very...very...loved this year and those are just some of the ways.

To borrow a cheesy line or two from James Taylor & in no particular order...

When I needed the shelter of someone's arms, there you were. When I needed someone to understand my ups and downs, there you were. With sweet love and devotion...DEEPLY touching my emotion. I close my eyes at night...wondering where would I be without YOU in my life. I want to stop and THANK YOU baby.
Buy the live version of that song - totally worth it. 

And because I truly am this cheesy, here are a couple of my favorite love songs in no particular order
  1. September by Earth, Wind & Fire...cause "it has a great beat & you can dance to it".
  2. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band and You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker...cause they're just naughty songs you gotta love.
  3. Just The Two of Us by Grover Washington...classic "read the Sunday paper in bed on a rainy day" song.
  4. You & I by Mark Douthit...cause there is some passion in that saxophone baby!
  5. The Simple Things by Joe Cocker...cause no song runs more true.

If I haven't told you...


Next time...things I love. I almost forgot - the quiz!!!!!! Admittedly...I made that part up. Such a tease sometimes


  1. Anonymous2/06/2010

    Any time I find my way here you always seem to know exactly what I'll need to see, read, or think about when I check in.
    That picture sums up my week and probably the rest of my weeks in GA.Goodbye is never easy and starting over is even worse.

    So glad I have sanctuary!!


  2. Pix,

    You're too kind.

    Amen & amen. A heavy heart isn't an easy thing to carry around. I think that's why I write so much - lots of stuff I never even post too. Cheap. Therapy.

    Earlier in the evening (before I wrote this) I had actually made the statement to a friend who had called - I don't believe in love (guy-gal) anymore and then I burst out into tears. My poor friend didn't know what hit her :)

    Then I laid there in bed for over an hour with this heavy, heavy heart being so upset and not feeling loved. When I knew I couldn't sleep I came downstairs and started to write.

    The more I wrote the more I realized I AM very much so loved...cause I took the time to see it and stand in truth - not in my feelings.

    I didn't negate or deny those feelings cause they were real, but I didn't buy into the lie. I'm very loved...just very lonely.

    The thought of starting over (in sooooo many ways) feels like it should be a factor in deciding to move...but then we're back to those feelings which in most cases, are going to be incredibly mis-leading. It's like that phrase - I can't do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

    Life is confusing...glad & blessed to have a good friend to work it all out with. Also glad no body else reads this blog cause we're just putting our hearts all out there, aren't we? Well - you and Tom maybe need to look for a 4 bedroom cause we would need to have a room just for the boys, right Two sets of bunk beads...HA! TX is still in the running for me and I know God has a phenomenal sense of humor so we'll see!!