02.17.10: A Weekend In Pictures

Wow, it has been an amazing week for so many reasons. Friends have just shouted out their love in so many ways!!! Eternally...grateful. And those are some heavy hitting words! Just a couple of pics from this weekend that I wanted to share in case you haven't been over to my photostream on Flickr lately.

These beauties are from Pix as a thank you...
for what I'm still trying to figure out :) Kidding Pix - THANK YOU!!

Had some love from Texas make a visit as well. 
Kids. Valentines. Melt my heart. *smile*

This is a snapshot from "Thrive" - our kids workshops at church. 

"Smores are like people" was the theme. I wish I could show you his face...but the hands and plate should give you a good indication of what happened. Note the big blob of chocolate on the Bible!!

At the end while the kids were waiting for their parents to come pick them up, they were given a little Valentine to fill out to give to someone. 

When asked, two girls piped up with "We gave them to each other!". Do you see why I volunteer now? 

When we were picking up after it was over, I found one - obviously from a boy with a sense of humor - who had put "To: Yo Mama", "From: No Body". Do you see why I volunteer now? 

So glad to have hopped them up on sugar then sent them home. Again I'll you see why I volunteer??

I love my life...I really, really do. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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