01.31.10: Meet Dudley

Meet Dudley. 

He is my 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier and holder of my heart till a bold and brave human comes along....I'm just puttin' that out there...

Admittedly I burst the bubble of the person who wanted to give him to me - he was supposed to be a birthday present. I have to tell you though, out at the farm looking at the entire litter - the exhausted mother and hyper father...I had to bring him home that very day. SURPRISE!!! 

See, Dudley has a quirky little personality so it is only fitting that he be named after someone with much the same characteristic...he's an English breed, so the name should be as he was named after Dudley Moore as I remembered him in Arthur.  

I knew he was the dog for me when...I saw him running from the house with an aluminum pie plate in his mouth. There was no conceivable way he could see in front of him...he was running with wild abandon. That struck a chord in me the moment I saw it so there would be no waiting. 

A few of the things I love about him...

He's a water dog...if it's 1000 degrees 
outside and you make him go in.

His chin whiskers remind me of my grandmother's.

The muddier he is, the happier.

He likes to do yoga when no one is looking.

Size...does not matter. They are all potential playmates.

He likes to network.

He's insanely curious to a fault.

He's as patient as Job when I stick a camera in his face.

Loves his brother...most of the time.

Loves sheet changing day.

Runs as fast as the wind...

And never allows his brother to win...ever.

He also...

Prefers to spoon when he sleeps. 

Plays the “I’m not touching you” game in the mornings and stands close enough for me to feel his breath on my face.

After he's been as patient as he can be, he uses his giraffe like tongue to find the tips of my eyelashes or nostrils. Then he has the nerve to stand there like...what...I didn't touch you...what??

Sleeps with his paw over his snout like his nose is cold. 

Surprises himself when he farts...which absolutely cracks me up. 

Has one soft spot on the side of his head between his eye and ear that is my kissing spot. That spot does not have as much hair as the same spot on the other side of his head I have kissed it so much.

Has incredibly soulful brown eyes & loves to stare deep into yours. 

He is a constant companion, never afraid to say "PET ME!!!!" and has a sad face that breaks my heart. 
He's one of a kind and I'm not sure the last few years would have been bearable had he not been here to come home to. What a treasure he is...

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  1. Oh my Gosh!! This post cracked me up! LOVE LOVE LOVE all his funny pics! The yoga one made me belly laugh.