11.10.09: Scrapping Gone Wrong...Terribly Wrong

Ok, so I have to confess: I am the most well intentioned scrapbooker and chef on the planet. When I found a website that celebrated it instead of mocking it, I cried. I cried because I was doubled over from laughing at the photos and stories. 

Well, I can join their ranks with pride after this fiasco. This is the story of a Valentine's scrapbook page gone very, very wrong. (To see the images of the pages gone wrong, click on the links in the story. I was just too embarrassed to post them IN the blog.)

I had been working on a "unique" idea (translation = bad) to take a 1inch binder and create "A Year In The Life" calendar of sorts. This person does not scrap, I desperately try, and it was my bound duty to give her (whether she wanted it or not) a way to remember 2009 / 2010. Never mind the fact that it will most likely become one of three things: a fabulous phone message center, coloring pages for the kids, or the most decorated grocery list EVER. 

None of these uses would hurt my feelings, because let’s remember - her birthday is all about what I think she should have, right?

So, the idea is that binder would contain things like a monthly calendar, funny quotes, pages to make notes about an occasion, hold photos for birthday parties, tell about her hobbies, start a “bucket list” - oh and let’s not forget a separate page for each holiday! Really - it's a great idea! In fact, a page or two came out really nice. The orange half circles were to help reinforce the page since (in theory) they would be flipping through it every so often - card stock is not really meant to be "used". It's meant to sit behind a protective cover. I made some pages with circles, some with squares, heck I even used Mickey Mouse icons! The reinforcements just needed to be in keeping with the theme of the page. 

Well, I'm mulling around the month of February - the month of LU-HUV - and remembered that I had this fabulously tacky paper that was black with hot pink, shiny lips. PERFECT! So I began assembling the page - I put a 1 1/2 inch strip down the right side and punched holes in the left so it could be added to the binder, see  (click the link)

So it's a Valentines page...hellooooooo....use hearts as the reinforcements. Don’t use circles or squares - use hearts cut in half!!! Oh my (click on the link)...that does NOT look like half a heart. Ok, so hearts won’t work...let me think, let me think... think ... think...LIPS! Why not mimic the design from the paper! Who-a, a-oh, what the (click on the link) that does not look like lips either. Needless to say when I stopped laughing and realized I had turned inadvertently into a "not kid friendly" scrapper, I decided to just stick with my circles and squares and REMAIN...the most well intentioned scrapper EVER.

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