11.11.09: My Day With Mrs. P

Man oh man, oh man are you in for a treat today!! I got to celebrate Veteran’s Day with an amazing one - Mrs. P. Say Hi Mr.s P..."Come on in!"

Mrs. P is a vet of breast cancer – almost 5  years now!! The “Save The Ta-Ta’s” sticker makes me think of her every time. Ta-Ta’s...what a silly  word, and totally one she would use.

I think Mrs. P was a bit leery when I told her I was bringing my camera for what was supposed to just be two friends catching up over lunch.

I’m not sure why though…could it be because I would take and post a picture like THIS? Ok, I can see your concern was a valid one. 

Oh, and meet Harley. Say hello Harley. 

"She's not gone yet mom? Dang..."

Harley is simply a small, four legged, fury person.  I love Harley. I think Harley tolerated me. It wasn’t until the last 30 minutes or so of my visit that he jumped up on the couch and allowed me to lavish him with some lovin’. I don’t have a picture of that because I was busy lavishing.

He did welcome me graciously into their home with a woof and a growl. And why is it people always say to me – “that’s funny, he’s never growled like THAT at our friends before.”? It’s ok - I know deep, deep, way down he loves me in his own “special way”. Or at least he will next time I visit with a pocket full of treats. Rookie mistake, I know. 

See - he's already over me being there.

So how, on a Wednesday afternoon, did I luck into a homemade lunch of seafood pasta salad, lettuce wedge with 1905 dressing, fruit salad, a brownie & ice cream and to top it all off a GEN-U-INE Coke in a bottle? 

(Sorry - I ate the food before I could take a picture of it.)

I invited myself. I had run into a mutual friend at Starbucks one morning, which made me think of her. After that it just became a quest. I needed to have a good belly laugh, I needed good food, and I needed to see their happy home. I am a very needy person…I know this and am not ashamed. Their home is one of “those” homes – straight from the pages of Southern Living, I kid you not. 

This was my favorite "room" in the house.

How about having your morning coffee with this view?

It’s not a house full of furniture, it’s a home full of stories - how they got it, or why they got it, or where or when. I tell you, I was captivated by the pantry door alone. In their own right, very beautiful “things” - but once you know the stories behind them, they become "priceless things". These are only 1/100th of an amazing toy collection from Mrs. P's childhood. All around their house you'll see fun and quirky things.

Cluckin' Hen...hysterical.

"Your Mother Doesn't Live Here!" Amen & Amen!

Ah...memories. Come on - everyone needs one ski for all those Cypress Garden's memories!

This is one of my favorite photos that I took. Mrs. P said she found this in her dad's barn and had to bring it back - it has a LOUDNESS button, not a VOLUME button, a LOUDNESS button. Cracks me up. They-do-not-make-em-like-this-anymore. 

Here's another one. This plate has two faces on it. Holding it one way it says “The Wedding Day” and shows two smiling faces. Turn it upside down and it says “Three Days After The Wedding” and shows two frowning faces. Her mother-in-law gave it to her, and she said in a confidence (hence I'm putting it on my blog), "I wasn’t quite sure to the meaning of this gift. Was it a warning?" We laughed, we cried, we had a was fun...ny.

She use to drive one of these!!

On the tour I did everything but open the medicine cabinet and photograph their fridge. I realized when I got home that I didn’t take ENOUGH pictures, but what I do have will help explain this blog. Today’s blog  is centered around one very important fact: everyone should have a Mrs. P in your “friend arsenal”, period. This version is a “one of a kind / break the mold” type, but there are a few other models similar to her. 

Here are some things you can expect from the PV.1950s.001 model.

Fabulous smile: remember this photo? I actually made her pose for this cause I came in the side door. Not sure what that says about me, but there it is. Her smile is the kind that makes a stranger compelled to say hello and smile back, even on their worst of days.

Contagious Laugh & Sense of Humor: It will fill your senses with sincerity and evokes the “moth to a flame” response from everyone in the room.

Hilarity Ensues: this is a two + player feature. A word of caution...this feature has the uncanny ability to piss innocent bystanders off with the sheer volume of laughter. There is no button to push, it activates in “the best of times & the worst of times”. The Hilarity Ensues feature is not to be confused with the What Are The Odds feature.

What Are The Odds: this feature can only be used in single player mode. You can access it by asking the question “So how was your day?”. There have been reports of several sever cases of “side splitting” so be close to a phone in case something happens.  

The most technical aspect of this model is the Emotions Package: (in no particular order) compassion, conviction, empathy, encouragement, honesty, faith, sincerity and love are abundant. In the few hours I spent there, I watched her as we caught up on “life” and couldn’t help but see that her life, is full of happiness. Not because of her circumstances. It’s a choice she makes each and every day. I think that’s her most unique characteristic.

So few people ever grasp that you choose to have and lead a happy life. I can't figure it out…I don’t think people believe anymore. I especially don't believe they believe THAT anymore, that it is a choice. Ask Mrs. P about the months following her AND her husbands diagnosis’ of cancer. Ask her about what chemo was like, or the struggle they had to build their home, or how she became freed from her job. Happiness doesn’t by and large follow those events - but she had it then and more importantly, she had it before then.

“More???” you say, “There’s MORE??”  Yep, it’s a generous Accessories Package! Beside the Ginsu knife collection, coffee CABINET, and Magic Bullet Blender you’ll get…

A Husband: only one comes with her. His name is Mr. T. When I pulled in the driveway, Mr. T and Harleyman were out front surveying their homestead. Oh wait -  you haven’t met Mr. T yet. Hi Mr. T! He says “Wait right there young lady…” and pulls this thing out. 

Ok, we’ll get back to Mr. T in a moment. Give him a chance to put away the gun and regroup. Mr. T actually has his OWN accessory package that is not to be believed. He has a man cave - complete with a Lazy Boy, fridge, fishing gear, TV and his own bathroom. It’s phenomenal…see.  

What this poor, poor photo does not show is the following: it has been said that you can cast a fishing line out the door, back into the room, sit in the lounger, and watch the ball game…all at the same time. Yes men, this place really does exist. Can’t tell you where, but it does.

Feeling better are we Mr. T? It seems Mr. T has moved on to bigger and better things.

A Pet: Only one option here as well. Harley - you met Harley, remember. 

"Hey mom – when is this woman taking the pictures gonna leave?" Protective, loyal, and very snuggly.

So when I pull up I notice icicle lights hanging from the front porch and had to ask – “Puttin’ em up or didn’t take em’ down?” He smiled and said “Well, come on it and you’ll see why – Mrs. P will explain.”. The house…the entire house…had been decorated for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. The pilgrim salt and pepper shakers stood right next to Santa in an act of solidarity to Mrs. P’s sanity. The entire house right down to those “special guest towels” you find in the bathroom were out and proudly displayed. I felt happy I must confess – to do all that for me? (Delusional, I know.) So there was a valid reason (they’ll be too busy to do it later, duh) and I was happy to have been able to see it in all it’s glory.

She even lit the tree "just cause".
Where did I leave off? Oh yes, the last item in the Accessory Package is....drum roll please... A Child: again, only one available. This P & T collaboration yielded a George Clooney type they call Matt. Very career focused. Marriage will come later, so be patient all you single ladies who live in Florida and happen to be near the intersection of......ok that would be in poor taste to give out his location - but I would be willing to entertain any “think outside the (legal) box” ideas you may have.

Have I sold you yet??? Really, you simply can’t be without a Mrs. P in your life, trust me. Help can be found by calling 1-800-GOO-DGOD. Thanks for letting me share Mrs. P. Can’t wait to see you next year. Hope Santa doesn’t get offended that you’ve hidden the Easter eggs already. Please pass on a salute to Mr. T and smooches to Mr. Harley Man.

"Hey mom - you ought to come see this tree - it's freakin fabulous! Hey has that lady left yet?"

"Mmmmooooooommmmmmm, she's still here and she's taking another picture of me. Maker her sssstttttoooooooooooooppppppppppp!!"

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