11.9.09: Eenie, Meenie, Miney & We Hope To Have No Moe

One of my all time favorite artists is Steven Curtis Chapman.

His music actually made an impact on my life. The impact was so great, that hearing his music is what left me wanting to learn more about God. It boggles my mind to just think about what had to happen so that the experience could even come about. So how did I ever hear about him?

It was during my time in the Army. I found myself living in Virginia going through "school" (AIT). I was out riding around with two friends (whose names escape me...for their own protection I assure you), and the driver put in a cassette tape (anybody remember those?) of Steven's music. From the back seat of that car I sat with my eyes closed listening to his music, letting the wind hit my face and God knock on my heart.

What do I find most amazing about his music? No matter how many times I hear one of his songs, it will affect me differently at different times in my life. It's almost like I hear the song for the first time to spite the fact that I've been listening to it for more than 16 years!!! I never cease to be amazed - that's for sure.

So what I wanted to share....Steven tells a very sweet story on The Live Adventure album about one of his children crying out during a time of great need. He then tells the parallel to being an adult and crying out to God during our great time of need.

To steal a bit of verbiage from his story..."my encouragement to you is that" as you read this blog, if you have a great need in your life at this moment and you need to hear from open to the possibility that He can touch your heart and mind through hearing Steven's story and the song that follows it.

Go listen to what I like to call the Eenie, Meenie, Miney & Moe story. When the page loads, look down  a few lines till you see 1993 The Live Adventure, and over to the right click on Play. Another window will pop open - click the forward button on the audio player in the upper right corner till you get to #9, Family Talk. There he tells the E,M,M & M story which then leads into a great song called More To This Life. Go on...listen...and open you heart to the possibility.

As a side note, tonight I began painfully typing out the story he tells because I truly wanted to share it. As God would have it, when I went to get the link for Steven's website, I came across the "discography" page which made quick and easy work of this blog. God is good for sure. Now you REALLY have to go listen :) 

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