10.4.09: My Weekend

So after church I went to the grocery to stock up for the week, and had an unsettling experience. I was looking to make a roast, and have had success with the "pre seasoned" kind. As I surveyed the selection, I came across large piece of meat, but some of the meat looked grey, and actually some of the fibers in the meat were really kind of large and disturbing. I picked it up and was turning it over in my hands, when I decided that I might need to give this back to someone in the meat department. I honestly thought - how could they not have seen this piece of meat? As I was turning it over in my hands I read the was a cow's tongue.

Also, I wish I could provide the visual for this, but maybe you'll see why I thought there was humor in it. Driving down Blanding Blvd., there is a rather large country western store (gee, can you tell we live in the South). Their marquee read: ON SALE Boots by Tony Lama. All I could think was - how proud must their parents be - one grows up to be a enlightened Buddhist, the other grows up and designs cowboy boots. Dahlia Lama, Tony Lama *TAP*TAP* is this thing on?

I had a great time on Saturday night with some friends - one of who starts a new job on Monday! Woo hoo and I'm sorry all in the same breath. There was fantastic food, some serious belly laughter, nice selection of adult beverages, several shoe changes, and a ton of photos to prove it all. I have no doubt most of the pics will end up on Facebook with some amazingly cryptic descriptions - like knoordocker. Stay tuned for next week when we'll learn the REAL reason her dad stop edging her yard that day...if she ever convinced her yard guy to wear "Daisy Duke shorts" while cutting the grass, and most importantly...did she find the doorknob in the room of darkness? Thanks for a most memorable evening!!

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