10.25.09: My neighbors are slowly killing me

Ok, before I can even post about how awesome this weekend...I must comment that tonight was the first time in a long time that I had the giggles.

My neighbors, who I affectionately call "The Happy Humpers" were the reason for this fit of giggles. In the past, I've endured much of their intimate escapades for the simple fact I have to. 

The walls which divide our place are not by any stretch of the imagination as thick or as "sound proof" as the builder had assured me they were, and the fact that there are only so many ways we can each arrange our bedrooms. 

My first attempt at cutting the noise level down was to move my headboard away from theirs and put a substantial dresser and mirror along that wall. Has it helped? Not so much.

It has been so bad in fact, I have prayed about their relationship more than they have, I have no doubt. I've prayed that they find a better time to hump (preferably when I'm not there) or in fact realize they need to be in a home - preferably in the middle of nowhere and away from people.

But I digress.

Well, tonight my prayer was answered in an amazing way - a sort of "out" for me, that instead of making me upset at their lack of etiquette of being a "good neighbor", threw me into a fit of giggles.

I had been sitting down in my kitchen for the better part of two hours pouring over a fabulous and very real cowboy/city girl love story, when I realized that the boys probably needed to go out for their last relief of the day. As you can see here, Thump is simply beside himself with a need to go O-U-T. So I pry him from the pillows (much to his dismay) harness he and his brother up, and head out the front door...only to discover The Happy Humpers have indeed opened both of their bedroom windows and were goin' at it. Going at it LOUDLY. THIS is what started my giggles. As the boys about choked themselves to get to a grassy knoll, my giggles continued to the end of my driveway, across the street and a bit down the sidewalk - being entertained the whole way with an array of comments that made me 100% sure he had "gotten it right". For the first time ever, I was louder than they were - with laughter - yeah for me! What made it even funnier was when THEY realized I could hear them, as could most, if not all, of our subdivision. 

Will they ever look me in the eyes now? Will we spend countless moments of our lives looking out the window to make sure we don't run into each other while walking our dogs? Will they ever just S-H-U-T  I-T ? The answer to all of those is in fact NO. I can't wait to find out what my reaction will be when I see them next.  :)

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  1. Wow! I had the giggles reading the first line of that! Just do you pray about that? You do have a special relationship with God! LOL!