10.18.09: A busy Sunday for sure!

Whew, it’s almost over! It's Friday the 22nd and I’ve been sick since I came back from Orlando on the 13th. I've been to bed early every night since then - well medicated I might add. The fog has cleared from my head, woo hoo! I jokingly told my pastor that I had said a few extra prayers of thanks for being single so that while I was trying to recover, I could just be as nasty as I needed to be. That comment may solidify my singleness, but I doubt there’s even one person out there who can’t relate. Can I get an amen. *TAP*TAP* Is this thing on?

So what’s my blog about today? Last Sunday! It was one of my most jam packed days to date and I simply loved every moment of it. 

At church, I was an assistant with the 5th graders workshop, taught by my friend Jenny. I think what was so incredibly rewarding about it was the fact that these kids were actually engaged and learned something!! That must be one of the pinnacles of a teachers day - to know that they helped make a difference in someone’s life. What a great group of kids...what a goofy group of kids :) 

I also attended one of two sessions to become a member at OCF. I think there is such a genuineness about our pastor that helped affirm this is the place I want to call home. I kind of scared myself a bit, because the one of the questions I had to truly ask myself again after the class was - why Oakleaf? It stumped me for a bit. Why not just attend and participate like I have been? As Jeff stated, there is no secret handshake or exclusive parking spot to be had for becoming a member - so why do it? For me, becoming a member means that I commit to becoming part of a family in which I am accountable and use the talents He gave me. Speaking in general terms, I feel there is this great fear of being accountable to another person outside, say, the realms of a job or having a loan. Oddly I don’t fear that - because in the relationships that have started to form, I see people who are transformed. Not people who have conformed, but have transformed. When there is a palpable feeling of peace, I know the decision is right. Going back to the idea of becoming part of a family though....not having any family here in Florida has actually made me think on more than one occasion “What the heck are you doing down here all by yourself - what if something happened to you???”. I still feel that way from time to time - only because I fall short of whole heartedly believing that I am where I am, for this season and for a reason and that I will always be provided for. God has been gently reminding me that he can use anyone to accomplish his purpose...anyone, any place, any time, in any way. Oakleaf Christian Fellowship can’t replace the nuts from my family tree by any stretch of the imagination, but they too, are an amazing group of people that I want to get to know on a deeper level. There is a living, breathing pulse of life here, that wants to foster genuine relationship with an enthusiasm to serve others and to nurture children, that just blows me away! It’s simply a great place for me to be!

Later that same day was our Fall Festival. It was a fund raising-get to know each other better-hot dog eatin-bounce house having-calk walkin’-lollipop pulling-face painting- silent auction-sweet treat overdose-having, heck of a good time. I was able to capture a few of the highlights from the night. Check out my pictures here Oakleaf Happenings. A pair of FL/GA game tickets, I think, helped the fund raiser to reach their goal. I watched two men stand at a table and try to outbid each other on paper. The madness ensued when they said “no more” and auctioned them off live - $400 was the winning bid!!!!!!! I about fell out of my you know how long it takes me to MAKE $400??? Well, more power to the hottie who won! Sadly I was outbid (somehow) by a 14 year, on a one of a kind painting done by one of our youth. The fund raiser was to build a much needed kitchen in Kenya - for an orphanage I think. The last I heard, a total of $3500 was raised that night, which will enable it to be built. How filppin awesome!!! The team left today and will be gone for 16 days. There will be amazing stories I am sure - CAN’T WAIT!!!

Update 10/25: If I heard my pastor correctly this morning the $3500 was raised just by the silent auction. That group of missionaries left with over $7000 which is well over double what they needed to begin with. How awesome is that?

What a Sunday to remember!! My tushy is officially numb and I’m right at the threshold of my bedtime. Have a great night and thanks for stopping by!!

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