10.26.09: Tower of Terror 5K

Back in March on the heels of having completed the Disney's Princess Half Marathon, my euphoria (stupidity) caused me to sign up for two more Disney races - the Race for the Taste 3K and the Tower of Terror 5K. 

This was the last year that both races would be offered and the expectation was that the changes I had made to my eating habits and exercise routine would stick and both races would be a lot easier...not so much. I was incredibly glad to have finished it, but man oh man did I struggle!!! Here's some photos from the pre-show and the basic theme of the race...

From the offices of Detective Willie Ketcham, HPD 

Officer Peabody...with the banana gun

It is feared that he was  kidnapped during his morning run. I need EVERYONE to make tracks and assist with this investigation. You will all be summarily deputized when you arrive at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. You will retrace the suspected route of Stone Granite's morning run. I am convinced that there are clues out there that will reveal the true identity of the kidnapperI've narrowed the suspect list down to 12. Help me put the finger on the perpetrator!

Stone Granite, host of this year's Hollywood Tower Hotel 

"All Hallows Eve Celebrity Bash" has gone missing!!

Jack DiamondStone’s Agent
Possible motive: Rumored to owe Stone 
large sum of money from a gambling debt

Honey DarlingRising Star
Possible motive: In love with Stone but her love is unrequited
Talullah FruitiHas been star
Possible motive: Rumored Stone was going
 to reveal her true age to the press

Minerva LipwhistleFaded Star
Possible motive: Stone stepped in her handprints in front of 
the Chinese Theatre before the cement was set
Shelby MayerMayor of Hollywood
Possible motive: Former Stone agent, was fired by Stone

Francis FlootBest boy on Stone’s last movie
Possible motive: Supposedly snubbed by Stone at cast party
Roman HolidayFormer matinee idol
Possible motive: Set to star in new big film that would put him back on top until Stone took the role from him; rumored to have made the producer an offer he could not refuse.
Vladimir PooeyForeign director
Possible motive: Stone turned down leading role in his only film, a flop
Paige TurnerEX‐girlfriend and Script girl
Possible motive: Dumped by Stone in a humiliating public scene

Ready Freddy FiddlesticksWould be star
Possible motive: In love with Paige Turner, 
is said to want to avenge her broken heart.
Otto Von Bonn BahnThe cook at the hotel
Possible motive: Stone hates his Weiner Schnitzel, complains loudly 
to food critics about it and threw it against the wall the last time he had it.

Bucky GreenhornStone’s chauffer
Possible motive: Granite never tips him

I have to say that these performers are wonderful at what they do!! They were having a great time with the crowd – talking up the supposed kidnapping, helping to accuse each other and exonerate themselves, making fun of some of the costumed runners and helping to build the excitement until the race started. Oh, by the way - did I mention the race didn't start until 10:15 PM for the 5K'ers and 10:30 PM for the 13K'ers? Pretty cool concept, eh?

Before the race you got to sign the Hotel Register...

Officer Peabody arguing with Otto Von Bonn Bahn

Otto Von Bonn Bahn and Shelby Mayor

Talullah Fruiti

Good news is...I finished!!!

Well, the after party meant that Hollywood Studios would stay open till 2 a.m.!!! How was it? I have NO idea. I wanted to change into flip flops to allow my feet to swell as much as they needed to, and by the time I hiked the 15 min walk out to my car, sat down and changed my shoes, I was too tired to walk all the way back. I’m still on the fence about if I regret not going. The fact is the only rides open all give me motion sickness, AND I was tired of walking….still a pang of regret though because of the photo ops. If you want to see what happened at the after party, check out Studios Central to see it through the eyes of Matt Hochberg !!
If you’re interested in trying a Disney race, I HIGHLY recommend it - no matter if you're a walker or runner, by yourself or with a group - you’re bound to have a good time and meet some very interesting people. Learn more about Disney Running

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