02.02.11: Be Encouraged, Part One


It was so, so, good to talk with you today. I am sorry that life seems so out of sorts right now. I believe with all my heart that you head in a positive direction by talking with someone about how you are feeling, what you are going through, and getting sound Biblical advice. I can only speak from my experiences, so be encouraged but seek out the truth for yourself!!
One of the most important things that I learned - and by learned I mean that I was told this, but until I put it into practical application and watched God work it would do nothing - was that having God’s word in your heart and mind will be one of the single most important weapons to have in your arsenal. It’s there to remind you of who you are, who you serve, and what is possible. Scriptures are promises from your Creator that will never fail...never. Believe that, repeat that - God, never fails. GOD-NEVER-FAILS.
In those times when you feel so incredibly far from God it’s our own doing. Too harsh? Wait, don't go... see God doesn’t take a vacation from us and God doesn’t change. He is as faithful today as He was 2000 years ago to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. One of the biggest barriers in our relationship is pride. It’s a doozie that’s for sure. The cure? Acknowledge it, ask for forgiveness and in the fact that God is faithful and will always be with you. His love knows NO bounds - He’s not limited to the four walls a church - THANKFULLY!!! 
“Father, I feel (insert feelings here - so far from you, abandoned, hurt...), I know that you are faithful and loving & I ask forgiveness. Forgiveness for the sins that have separated me from you. I know that as I call them out and identify them, that they are forgiven and removed from me as far as the East is from the West and they are covered by the blood of Christ. (Then call em out!!!) Lord I ask that as I long to draw close to you that any bond which keeps me from hearing you is broken and removed during this time so that I hear only your truth. (Pick up your Bible) Abba...Father, speak to me - tell me where to go in your Word. Holy Spirit, reveal truth to me - about God and about who I am in Him.”


  1. Ok, so this was good for me to stumble across today. I have been feeling a little lost lately, and this has inspired me to get back to doing daily devotions. This is not the first time that I have heard it works, lol. Guess I just need to give it more time. Thank you for this!

  2. :) Glad it encouraged!!! Being a mom of three I can only imagine "quality time" with God is a bit of a challenge - so I pray you find more unexpected moments to be with Him! Have a wonderful week!!