02.02.11: Be Encouraged, Part Deux


There are times when we expect God to only use people to speak to us, and while that can be true it is only ONE way in which God speaks to us. Open up your Bible and EXPECT that He will speak to you through scripture. Clear your mind, and if you don’t get a feeling of where to start reading, DON’T CLOSE YOUR BIBLE - just open it up and start reading...don’t give up. He’ll show up...He promises. 

When you feel inclined to hide...fight. When you feel inclined to not answer your phone and become a recluse (pot to kettle speaking here)...know that you have the fight of your life ahead of you. If you’re sitting at home, you don’t threaten the Enemy in any way, shape or form. When you’re out and talking with your friends and loving on them and encouraging them he becomes powerless! But guess a child of God, you have the power and resources in all of Heaven and on Earth to fight the Enemy against whatever is facing you or causing you to lose your peace. ALL-THE-POWERS-AND-RESOURCES-IN-HEAVEN-AND-ON-EARTH! Um, that’s a lot of power to be reckoned with!! 

And God is a jealous God. When one of His kids are being messed with, do you think He’s going to sit back and say - “Oh well”. Acknowledge your need for him and to say “God show me what to do!!!” Sometimes He will tell you to be still because it’s not your fight. He’s going to come out swinging to protect His child and if you don’t listen and continue to stand and move’re going to get clobbered. 

Sometimes he’s going to tell you to get up and get moving. Go out of your way to be with a friend and to be around people who will listen and pray with you - call, email, text, IM someone! The key is to know the difference between when it is time to fight and when it is God’s fight and you’re to take the back seat. We are not meant to nor are we created to do this life alone - we can’t & it’s an impossible task to ask of anyone.
“God, right now I feel like hiding away from my family and friends who I know love me. But THAT, is NOT WHO I AM nor who I was created to be!! (Get good and mad at this point) YOU created ME for YOUR glory, for YOUR purpose and to be in fellowship with your children. You tell me that LOVE is to be my greatest commandment. Lord, help me out of this funk and show me where to go so that I can love others. So that others can love on me. Help me to open my mouth and confess to my friends that I’m struggling with (insert problem here) and let them join me in prayer because where there is more than one of your children joined in prayer - you are with us and you hear our prayers!!! And you love us. And there is POWER in prayer. And you WILL give us a renewed strength to persevere until this is resolved.” 

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