12.30.10: Post Holiday Mish Mash

I am writing to you from a place of complete and utter slothness. Spell check does not consider this a word, but I’m sure there’s more than one of me who knows what I’m talking about. Ok, if you have kids you have NO idea what I’m talking about but think back to your college days... 
This has been a wonderful holiday season, which is indeed about ready to come to an end. Evidently that day is tomorrow. Other than knowing it’s “trash day” I had no concept that New Year’s Eve was upon me. As you can tell, my plans will be intense.
So this last month has been a hoot. I wrote about some of my adventures earlier, so this post will indeed be the complete opposite of that. I have done literally nothing the last couple of weeks. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much. It has not been what one would consider “productive”. 
Here’s what I DO know...
I devoted my Christmas Day as a day of service. Never have I enjoyed myself, felt more part of a family or been more tired. I’m working on a separate blog post about this, but please refer to the first paragraph as to why I haven’t posted it yet.
True friends are the ones who call you and say “We would love to have you over for Christmas but you should know that we’re all sick and running fevers.” These are indeed good people - they warn you & protect you and keep their misery to themselves. 
I like “Glee” and say that unashamed. Sat and watched the first season in one sitting this last week and I am amazed at the talent and music remixes. I don’t remember high school being that intense, but then again I wasn’t breaking out into song every day...that you know of. And this is about as close to secular music that I’m going to be getting so really it’s WIN-WIN.
I also got to see Hugh Jackman in a stage version of “Oklahoma” (on DVD). I kept waiting for his six brothers to come out and sing with him - which should tell you what movie I thought I had checked out. So let me just say that Hugh Jackman can freakin’ sing! You should also know that I have to sing the song out every time I try spelling it. 
I’m just going to jump on in here and say that....I hate musicals. For the majority of the one’s I’ve seen - and yes I keep trying them to see if I will change my mind - the stories are good and the music is good - just not together. I realize that it’s like saying I like peanut butter - just not peanuts but it is what it is. 
This reminds me - I had this exact conversation (like peanut butter / hate peanuts) a while back with a friend, which let to revelations about just how uniquely wired women really are. Feel for you guys...I really do. 

I feel the same way about cheese. I like cheese IN things, just not ON things. Not ON sandwiches, but IN pimento cheese spread too. 

I have discovered the next generation John Cusack and am seriously considering moving to London to stalk him. I am evidently so far behind the times, but as I went to find out the actors name I discovered the series is on like Season 9 or so, oops. Well his name is Matthew Macfadyen and he’s just about as John Cusack-ie as I have ever seen...and you can never ever have too many of those. 
I haven’t been spending time doing any kind of photography lately. My intention over the holidays was to spend a day driving around town taking photos of the most amazing color trees I have ever seen in Florida - oranges and reds that really took your breath away.  When I finally decided to get up early to go do it we had the worst cold snap that night and all the leaves fell off the trees - not kidding. Not one leaf left. Guess that taught me.  
I did spend some time going through old Disney photos and got inspired to do this...
I loved how this came together. The caption fits the Snow White aspect of it, AND it was a kitchy way to represent Revelations 1:8 - "I am the Alpha and the Omega--the beginning and the end," says the Lord God. "I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come, the Almighty One.". Wether I am blessed with a Prince here on Earth OR if I have to hold out for my one true one...the wait is worth it. 
Hope YOU had a wonderful Christmas and have a festive New Year!! 

Love ya more than my luggage,

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