12.18.10: A Quick Look At December

Hello! I wanted to post a quick blog on my December...
I’ve been busy.
The End.
It has been busy - and for some wonderful reasons...

My brother made his annual trek to Walt Disney World just after Thanksgiving and had a blast. 

I almost teared up when he said - with no prompting from me - it wasn't the same without you here this year. My heart broke into about a thousand pieces. I didn't have time to grow too sad and sentimental because when I said "So tell me what you've been up to", I didn't have to talk for another 45 minutes! It was a first I tell ya!! It was all so sweet to hear and I'm so thankful that my mind's eye was able to picture each of the things he talked about. He even followed his return day up with a phone call to let me know he made it home safe...and spent another half hour recounting his last few days and shenanigans. I am most thankful for the wonderful memories we have of that place and for the childlike enthusiasm he retains with each visit. 
When I say “I went to Thursday morning Bible study” I really mean - God showed up in a very real and tangible way and spoke through the words and stories of several amazing women. It’s never an ordinary Thursday thanks to them!! We’ve spent a couple of months diving into Beth Moore's study called "Stepping Up". Talk about a welcome challenge - we studied a collection of Psalms which caused me to dive into each word to see the deeper meaning, and to challenge myself with prayer. 
On the coattails of that my moment of weakness, when I realized that at some point I’ll go back to work, I began to cry. Truth be told, it was closer to weeping. I have enjoyed my time off more than you could imagine, but what I fear the most is giving up the time with the Thursday morning group and all of the other amazing opportunities I’ve had to truly connect with people. I remember what it was like to work 40 hours and drive an additional 10 hours each week - it left me physically, mentally and emotionally depleted. Going to church on Sunday was simply all I had the energy to do. This time off has restored that lost time back to me to the point of overflowing. I simply can’t wait to see what God does in my life as I have petitioned Him to preserve this current state of heart and mind!!
A friend treated myself and another friend to a luncheon and “one woman show” the first Saturday of the month. It was amazing. One woman dressed like 27 different women of the Bible. With each costume change came a brief telling of the life and times they were living in. It took right at three hours and was incredibly inspiring to see. As soon as I can find her website I’ll post the link!

That next week was jam packed...
The ladies of the Tuesday and Thursday Bible studies got together for some good food, fun, and to decorate our ministry center - AKA temporary “home”. Never underestimate the power and abilities of a woman. It all turned out fabulous!
Later that week I helped to make decorative napkin rings (which totally inspired my crafty itch), helped to make over 100 stuffed mushrooms (taking the recipe to my grave) then to wrap that week up I attended a rather swanky dinner! The evening included: some fabulous food eaten in the most marvelously decorated home I’ve ever seen, see...

...a Christmas carol sing along - which at one point turned into a pub sway and later on a “I can sing louder than you” contest, a brief moment of realizing that my pastor has a wonderful sense of humor...and A.D.D...and witnessing two hosts whose love for Christ and the celebration of the season was blatantly apparent. It’s good to be me. 
The hits just keep on coming because the following Tuesday I was given the gift of a ticket to see “It’s A Wonderful Life” at the Alhambra Dinner Theater...WONDERFUL!!! It was presented as an old time radio show and included commercials from the good ole days...certain members of the group began to sing those commercials right along *AHEM* Donn and Robin. :) 
This morning I did receive some very sad news. A friends mother passed away. Her name was Janet...and this is how I will always remember her - a lady.


She was a lady with a fabulous collection of vintage type clothes and hats which I was privy to see one year. And let me not forget a fabulous sense of humor! 

When I received word, I almost became paralized. To spite the fact that I’ve experienced the loss of a mother & friend, the fact remains that nothing you experience will be the same for the next person who has to experience it. I had this wonderful thought on the way to the library this morning - absent in the body, present with the Lord...and I cried and I smiled because she’s dancing with joy and will be truly home this Christmas! You’ll be missed Janet, but we promise to keep watch over your daughter and granddaughter with much love...
With just over a week and a half to go, I’m curious to see what else is in store. Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me, and Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I love this picture of you. You look like a Swiss girl in the Alps or something. So cute! Are you really a blonde?

  2. Hey now...hey now! I think it's a prerequisite to be THAT blonde as a child. I've gone through a whole box of family photos and hope to be able to post more of them as the memories come flooding back.