11.11.10: Knee Bone’s Connected To The Thigh Bone...

Today it’s all about connecting a memory to something physical (person, place, thing) starting from my childhood up to my college days...LET’S GO PEAY!!
RULE #1...No judging here. 
RULE #2...See Rule #1 before you comment.
RULE #3...If you don’t see your name among the recipients today...have no fear. Your time is coming soon....MMMUUUUWWAAAAHHHHHHH...
I found the Pretty Woman Soundtrack at my library today & realized that no matter how many times I have ever, or will ever see this movie, it will always be tied to: Senior Spring Break heading down to Amelia Island, stopping in Atlanta, Georgia for the night and Patti taking Lisa P and I to see it. 

My friend Lisa R...honey, you could carve this memory in ice...literally. A visit to L.R.’s house meant you brought your ski gear cause it was going to be downright cold enough to hang meat. One evening her mom came into the room to find me buried under the covers. She said “Oh, Caryn, are you spending the night?” reply “N...nnnnnn.....ooooo Mrs. Mmmmmmm I’m justtttttttt coooooldddddd.” LR = cold house = meat locker.  Oh, and flaming Dr. Peppers & bounce houses are tied to her as well, but I’m about out of time to tell those whole sorted stories. What’s the statute of limitations...just sayin’...

Diamonds & Pearls by Prince will forever be associated with Stewart. Driving in his manly yet comfortable truck to work in a ton of snow, I found this in his CD collection. I was twitter-pated from that point forward. It was a phase, ok...
Now...every single Prince song other than that one could ONLY be associated with Amye B...and Texas East...and matching outfits...and her red Honda Prelude...
Amy P. is connected to the first Kenny G concert I ever went to in which Michael Bolton came out to sing a song. We went to the Opryland Hotel to look at the Christmas decorations and eat, then headed over to the Grand Ole Opry to see the concert. Hey - I never claimed to be part of the in crowd...
My Mom is connected to a Julio Iglesias concert that I took her to for her birthday. She wrecked her boat of a white Cadillac the day of the concert but it ran well enough to make it we could sit 4th row back, just off center...every gland in overdrive. Even at that young of an age I knew what caused my mother to swoon....that is one fine lookin’ man.

The first car I ever had was a 1970’s-something, hand me down VW Bug. Who do I have to thank for these memories? My Dad. The day he told me it was going to be MY car I was dumbstruck at my my bad luck. He said - just make me a list of what needs to be done to it (cosmetically speaking) and I’ll get it fixed. I opened the passenger door and emphatically pointed to the floorboard all bug eyed. If it wasn’t fixed I would resemble The Flinstone’s with their feet on the pavement, shuffling to make the thing run...the hole was that big. He called me a smart ass, smiled, and turned to go inside. 

  • He did help me with the initial cleaning of the interior...that involved Clorox and a garden hose. 
  • The “heat source” was a direct pipeline of freaking carbon monoxide from the engine into the cabin. 
  • He installed an Alpine stereo that was worth more than the whole car...I loved him even more for doing that. Kenny G never sounded so good.
  • We were never able to find the backseat - his doing, not mine.
  • I taught my girlfriends how to drive a stick with that car....seriously - what damage could they possible do to it that I hadn’t done already?
Big Red soda and White Castles are synonymous with road trips to Louisville, KY for the holidays. As an adult, TUMS is also part of that synonymousness...ness...ness.
My friend Angel M. has to be my oldest friend, who I met through my mother. She worked for my parents, but her friendship with my mom helped me to understand what authentic friendship looked like. Now, having said I grew older, Angel never failed to mention the day she saw me come into our store wearing my Buster Brown shoes and high-water, hunter green polyester pants. She asked me if I was expecting a flood anytime soon...that comment flew WAY over my head till someone explained it to me.  
I can say with absolute certainty that as soon as the relationship ended, Mr. H became “the one who got away”. He’s happily married with something like 12 kids, so’s his loss. Pppffffftttt...whatever. :) 
And speaking of love...Land Between the Lakes and Mr. T are synonymous with my first it hot in here? I still remember every little detail...and yeah, it was that good. Again, happily married 2.5 kids...keep it moving...nothing to see here...
This was a hoot to write out...I didn't even have to really think about what to write - it all just flowed! Again, if you don’t see your name today - don’t worry...your day is coming!! Thanks to all of these amazing people who helped to shape these memories. My life is indeed enriched, no matter how warped the event :) 

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