05.09.10: Where Does The Time Go????

I have experienced the days FLYING by since my last post & I simply have no idea where they have gone or really what I have done with all of it. Know the feeling?

To be honest the time has been productive in some ways, and in others...not so much. What I do know is that God has blessed me in some amazing ways that I never could have imagined.

Rich Stevenson has started to write a book and in fact mentioned it when he came to speak at my church a few weeks ago. A few days following that, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me - email Rich your I did. I didn't hear from him for several days, but one Saturday night I got a reply..."I have an idea for a book cover, can you help?". I was beyond flabberghasted. I'm not sure why - if God tells me to do it SOMETHING is bound to come out of it. I had two people who had spoken into my life the week prior to this encounter with Rich, and both spoke directly to my heart about stepping out in faith...JUST MOVE!!!! is what I heard them say. Talk about out of my comfort zone!! Well, no matter the ultimate outcome (whether the photos are used for the cover or not) I am learning that one huge aspect of loving God means that I act when I hear from Him and leave the consequences up to Him...He takes ALL responsibility. It has been a privilege to be part of Rich's process and if my part comes to fruition you'll hear it here first!!!!! Here are a couple of the ideas and the rest can be found on my Flickr photostream...

Another way He has beyond blessed me is through what OCF calls "Life Groups". They are an extension of the church body living out their lives together while studying and growing in God's word. A family of sorts, and believe me I have long needed that. Robert and Deborah are amazing teachers...who give homework. We've been in the book of Ruth for several weeks now...4 chapters...several weeks. I THINK I understand the passage and they come along and explain it in a whole other light. It's an interactive study and believe me I have offered up some seriously wrong answers with NO fear. I'm learning though...I'm part of this amazing group of adults who love the Lord and amaze me with their insights. I hope to be one of them someday, but until that time I just soak it all in and hope to get something right. :)

Wow, God has been a huge part of the past weeks - and photography has been no exception!! There are magnolia trees that line the entrance to our subdivision and they have started to bloom one flower at a time. this!!!!

Last, but certainly not least is a project that I have been blessed with. I take my photos and search for Bible verses to match them up with. I really feel that some photos just lend themselves to putting a visual to His words. WHAT a blessing this has been!!!! He always provides. More of these can be seen in my Flickr photostream in the set called "All The Earth".

Know what...I'm going to stop there. I can live off this joy for some time :) 

Work has been unique...still no clear direction from God, but I rest in the knowledge that He knows all things concerning this. I pray, I ask, I am learning to listen. Most important is the fact that I am freaking excited at what is to come! I know if it comes from Him it will most definitely provide me with a few things: joy, work, direction, blessing, an opportunity to bless others, challenges, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to be disciplined but to learn and be strengthened in my faith. 

I love my life...can you see why?????

Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. Had to stop by your page to recharge and once again you're there and dead on. Exactly what I needed to read I have the motivation to unpack another box!!