12.15.09: It Will Change Your Life

Ok, so it's now 4 a.m. and I laid in bed for the better part of 2 hours before I decided to do something constructive...but what exactly would that be?

What started out as an urge to make Rice Krispy treats led to a 45 min long trip to the Walmart for groceries...I went prepared. And that preparation will lead to great things. Of this, I am sure.

Here's what's on the list for creation:

Pioneer Womans Favorite Sandwich - I regret that you can not see my tear stained keyboard...it's THAT good. It's only the second sandwich I've had in my life that would even make me entertain the idea of becoming a vegetarian. Go check it out for yourself Pioneer Woman's Favorite Sandwich

Spinach, Feta & Caramalized Onion Quiche - it's a Cooking Light recipe I've had before. I was hankering to have something substantial for breakfast this next week, and the calorie count really isn't that bad. I'm going to experiment with adding some flavors this time so this should be fun!!!

Pioneer Woman's Chicken Salad - when I read the recipe all I could think of was how it resembled the way my mom use to make it. I bought a whole fryer chicken thingy too instead of a rotisserie chicken! Check it out!! Chicken Salad The Way I Like It

Going to cook some serious vegetables too (with a recipe and everything!): spaghetti squash, carrots, cauliflower and smash potatoes. More on these later.

Couldn't NOT make something sweet, and boy did I hit the mother load in my hunt for the Rice Krispie Treat recipe. There is a whole website devoted to Rice Krispies - did you know that? It was interesting. It even linked back to the Kellogg's website which has cereal related merchandise. Interesting. So what did I find that almost led me to lick the screen as I read the recipe? Chocolate Yummies I've either had these before or I'm that good of a visualizer - as soon as I read the recipe I could taste them. Lord help me, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep until they are made...

My tummy is full from the sammich and my fridge is overflowing, and would you look at the time - it's time for the boys morning walk. Can't wait to start cooking later today and of course photographing it all! Have a great morning!!

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