11.19.09: Me...Bitter...Never

For all the time and effort that went into my Cheesecake of Shame  - it lost to peanut butter cookies, something mint and a pumpkin something or other. I think the judges had their heads up their fifth point of contact.

Ok, I feel better now. I acted all of 4 years old yesterday, but I eventually got over myself. That 1/2 a bottle of wine didn't hurt anything either. Kidding. I did get a couple of really positive comments today from people who thought I was robbed of the win. Of course it was a 21 year old who said she could feel herself getting woozy from the Irish Cream, so I'm not sure how to take that. :)'s not a good thing AT ALL. I learned to be happy with the fact that there was only one slice left and I thoroughly enjoyed eating a slice myself, so...all better now.

Can't help but share the recipe, so I hope you'll try it sometime and let me know what you think. Now to finish off the other 1/2 of that bottle....

I lied. I can't find the recipe lying around anywhere. Hold on...let me go look.


  1. Yea, you don't sound bitter at all! It's OK, sis! I would turn down pumpkin something another or anything else for CHEESECAKE!

  2. Well THANK YOU..finally, some support for the 4 year old child in me. That's what I'm talkin' about!