11.21.09: Useless Information For Today

This blog entry will prove to be an interesting waste of your time.

There are a few words and phrases that simply do not sit well with me. In fact they down right annoy me. So I decided to share.

lozenge - to me, this word is sleazy. In researching the word I see it is also used to describe a diamond shape. Who else knew this? Odd fact: The lozenge can be used on public roadways in the United States and Canada to mark a specific lane for a particular use. No witty comeback or connection - just hate the word. 

lube - again, a sleazy word. I’ll share the specific conversation I had regarding this word.  It took place with “Bob”. My printer was squeaking, so I went to Bob to ask for assistance. I was looking for something like WD-40, but couldn’t think of the word “WD-40”. I leaned in Bob’s doorway and sheepishly said:

“Do you have any, um...lube?” 

You could see the smile break out on his face and in between snickers he looked up and asked need...l-u-b-e? Well what do you need lll--uuu-bbb-eee for?”

“Alright smarty pants, my printer is squeaking and I need something to make it stop and I hate that word anyway, but do you have any?”

“ mean you need WD-40

“Ah, that’s word I couldn’t think of that to save my life. Yes, I need WD-40”, saying it with a bit of assertion. Just the word I was looking for W--D--40, not lube. Crazy girl.

“Yes, well lube is so much more of a descriptive word, don’t you think? Lube. Let’s say it together, l-u-b-e.”

I think I might have blushed at that moment - I really do hate that word - so he let me off the hook.

“No, I don’t have any l-u-b-e Caryn. But if you find any l-u-b-e, let me know, ok?”

Makes me shudder just typing it. Silly Bob.

Random enough for you?

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