11.01.09: Meet the Soda Pop Man

Ok, so do you ever walk into a place and think - I could be happy working here. I've felt that only a couple of times in my life. One of the first times I remember was when I lived in Ft. Polk, LA. I have ALWAYS been one to just hop in my car and drive to see what I can see. I do it even now, but take my boys with me from time to time. Well, on one particular excursion I came across a Christmas store. It was the first free standing, open all year Christmas store I had ever seen. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year (thanks to my mom...and I miss my mom) so anytime I can recreate that even for a moment, I go for it. I pulled into the gravel parking lot, walked up the stairs to the front door, and discovered my very first happy place. It was a home full of tiny rooms, each full to the brim with uniquely decorated trees. How about a Mardi Gras theme, or any sports team you could imagine, animal lover, Florida / beach theme, vintage, modern, Red Hat Society. Seriously, any whim you had for the holidays could be fulfilled here. I thought - what a happy place to come to every day, and what a creative mind that's able to put a tree together so perfectly and so full of detail. Christmas music playing all the time, and the smells of Christmas surrounding you. Ah yes, it became a happy place in my mind.

 So tonight while I was catching up on my "Best of You Tube" videos that I subscribe via iTunes, I came across...the soda pop man. I was intrigued in this 13 minute video that tells the story of how his store came to be. In His Own Words. Well, after watching that, I decided to make room in my brain so that this too could step along side the Christmas store. :)  Galco's Soda Pop Stop Shop Be sure to take a peek into the store - you can order online!!

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