9.28.09: Team Smiley Mylie

I had a fabulous weekend, thanks for asking!

Some friends joined Mylie and her family to do a one mile walk on Jacksonville Beach to raise money and awareness to Down Syndrome. The team is lovingly called Team Smiley Mylie and I think this was their 7th year or so for the family to participate in this...could be wrong, it may be longer. Good times for sure, not to mention the most memorable Saturday I've had in quite a long time!

It almost looks like Mylie is saying "I see ya lips movin', but I'm not buyin' it".

Shut really, stop talking.

A sea of Smiley Mylie supporters.

Mylie's grand-dad

A wee Smiley Mylie

A tuckered Toby...

Well how much more fabulous could she be???

If you're interested in participating, check out the local Jax branch for more details at or visit the social networking site to find valuable resources or connect with other families

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