6.19.11 - A Week (or so) In Photos....

First and foremost - Happy Fathers Day to all!! 

And to all of those single mom's who fill both roles - thank you for doing it!! This is of course my father. This photo had to have been taken in his early 20's and the man standing next to him reaching for the drink is G.F. Russman, one of his life-long friends. He taught me many things...Happy Father's Day to the man who taught me that is just freakin' funny and that wearing a goofy grin like this will sometimes "make it all better"... well, a silly grin & a mixed beverage. Kidding...*ahem*

This is Ryan Shelley, a young and wonderful artist who just released a new album - Sights & Sounds. He gave a release party out at our new property and it was one of the most perfect evenings! Perfect weather, beautiful setting, good friends and of course WONDERFUL music!! Keep your ear out for Ryan...he's going places...even if these photos aren't - geeze these are bad! 

This is what Thump looks like THIS week...exact same as last 
week, but I was stretching for material these last couple 
of weeks, so there ya go...

This just made me laugh outright...Get it Thump, get it!!

Maybe our wildfires haven't made the news (not sure cause I don't have 
cable) HOWEVER, "we" - Jacksonvillians are freakin' struggling 
with them as well as Arizona and other states. 

Thank you to the amazing men & women who see firefighting 
as their calling in, you rock and God Bless!!

One last photo of my puppy dog...I've always considered him a contemplative dog...

I think "tolerant" is the word I'm looking for...and immune to my shennanigans. 

Have a wonderful Father's Day - day!!

P.S. It really has been an amazing week. I've written out the post, but am hesitating to post it for some reason. I don't have a job yet, if that's what you were thinking...but I did see God move in an amazing way in my life the last couple of weeks so stay tuned!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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