05.04.11 - Ode to Nancy

A couple of years ago I met a woman by the name of Nancy. She truly is like no other person I've ever met, and almost everyone in our church would give you a different reason as to why - she touched many lives. And by the way - she's not dead - she's just not living in Florida anymore.

The one comment everyone could make is that Nancy dances before the Lord with wild abandon. It's one of the ways she worships God. Her heart and mind seem to go to another place. I can imagine we're all a bit envious to a point because it means that she's engaged with her whole heart. We THINK that's not easy to do, but Nancy proves otherwise.

So there I was the other night watching a Charlie Brown DVD collection. Snoopy is a sweet childhood memory. At this point in my life I can appreciate the wisdom Mr. Schultz imparted through a dog. That's kind of an awkward connection to Nancy but let me see if I can make it a bit more clear.

Linus is standing on the sidewalk when Snoopy comes up dancing with great joy...he finds it to be contagious.

Don't you just love this?
Lucy, being the "ray of sunshine" that she is, tries to discourage them with her looks & her words

When SHE has had enough she says...”, dance, dance. If you keep hanging around with that stupid dog you’ll end up just as worthless as he is! You’ll be nothing! Do you hear me?” You’ll be nothing! 

As you can see, this disturbs them greatly...

In the great wisdom of Linus he says... 

“500 years from now who’ll know the difference??” 

Maybe it's "just me", but that spoke profoundly on a few levels. 
  • Why do I try to be anything other than what I was created to be? 
  • Why do I not listen to my heart and figuratively "dance when it's time to dance"?
  • Why can't I remember that success in God's eyes is what counts at the end of my life?
Most important...

Why can't I just tell the people who judge, try to discourage and bring me down to just KISS OFF! Ok, well that may be my flesh speaking...I'm sure there's a better (translation = tactful) way to do it. We'll see.

Today...I am most thankful for GRACE

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  1. :) Missing Nancy even more now...thanks Caryn! :)