03.09.11: Be Encouraged..Cause There's A Season For It!!

Most people (read = normal people) aren't as big of a "word nerd" as I am. In specific I thrive when I read something in the Bible and find myself unable to go to sleep till I get to the root of what a particular word or phrase means. 

I use to rely on the "cliff notes" found in my Study Bible and while they have many valid explanations, I find that utilizing an exhaustive concordance helps me measurably more. It focuses me more on what GOD said in the original Hebrew or Greek rather than what man thinks it says. The fact that I'm posting my thoughts on a public blog is ironic...I know. Whatever...

So it happened again last night that I read a well known passage and was curious as to why God would use some very specific wording. I laid my head down and said I was tired and would research it first thing in the morning. About 20 minutes later I got up because my mind wouldn't stop till I unraveled the mystery for myself. It was a great encouragement to me so I hope it will be that for you as well.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
I love that the Bible uses absolutes like in v. 1 - “To EVERYthing there IS a SEASON. A TIME for EVERY PURPOSE under Heaven

Granted it took a while to get that song out of my head, but here's what I discovered. 

  1. everything - ALL things of importance
  2. is - exists
  3. seasona fix of time
  4. time - opportunity - which God alone knows and reveals - during which certain conditions persist. As long as, as much as, to the degree that
  • God knows the time when to reveal that which is proper for you, an opportunity for you, an appointed time for you - suitable for a given activity. God knows the time when it is right for His judgment. Things will persist for a period of time. Something will happen as long as is necessary, as much as it is necessary and to the degree that it is necessary. And there will be time to advance from a place/thing (season, relationship). To pass on to someone/something (mentoring/wise counsel). To continue in something (a work).

  1. every - not some, not most, ALL, EVERY, COMPLETELY, WHOLLY
  2. purpose - wish/delight/desire
  3. under Heaven - and the purpose is not always for Caryn, but certainly the idea that my hope is wrapped in Heavens purpose exists. These seasons that happen are for the Kingdom and to further its purposes - that which God delights in. 
So I counted and there are 28 (action words) wishes, desires, pleasures and requests of our Father in Heaven to least that's the way I see it. What caught my eye was v. 5

A time to cast away stones 
  • Cast: throw, fling, overthrow....I like the visual that "God flings" something from my life
  • Stones: that which is stored in, that which we are supposed to dead to, a place of extreme cold/dark (this totally said "my mind" to me), confining, fortified about us (walls we've built "for our own good"), established in (maybe habits, ways of thinking).
God, through trials & experiences, will throw out, tear down, overthrow those walls. He will purge us of that which is bad - habits,  thinking patterns, the dark places in our heart and mind, that which hold us back or conforms us into a bad image (that world SO encourages!!) which does not reflect God. He will lead us to “unlearn” everything we think we know and begin us on a path that is of true knowledge.

And a time to gather stones  
  • Gather: to collect, enfold (surround, hold, veil, drape so as to be apparent through). 
  • Stones: used to build, as a plumb line: used for finding the depth (that which is below  the surface, to the extent, intensity of emotion, the apparent existence, the complexity of, extensive detailed study or knowledge, the strength) of water (life) or determining the vertical on an upright surface (correct positioning).
God is going to look below the surface of me to find what is true and good and right. I am ALREADY seen as perfect to Him but there is a process to get me there until He takes me home!!! He is not satisfied until my roots, knowledge, and love of Him goes deep and runs true. He will give me trials to perfect my commitment and my love...and faith and things which are not seen yet (hoped for). 

I drew a much needed amount of HOPE from these few words because I know that God is faithful and will use every resource under Heaven to conform me to His perfect will and image. During this season of my life I need a reminder every single day...sometimes every single hour that He IS WITH me and is FOR me and has a PLAN and that this season is a FIXED amount of time. Here's praying I become a bit more of a quick learner cause this season is a bit um...painful, encouraging and amazing all wrapped into one. 

For me, that renewed HOPE from what I learned helped to push out the feeling that I'm "alone" because I know that He's constantly with me working to make this happen. It also pushes out my "signature quote" about how I think God sees me: "Oh Caryn, I'm trying so hard sweetie but you're just not getting would be easier to smite you for your own good." When my hope is strengthened, that thought vanishes because I know that God put those verses on my heart (would not let me rest) until I unearthed the truth for myself and it became part of who I am now!!!! WOO HOO!!!

One other thought....It’s hard not to look at those 8 verses and see that each purpose has an opposite - an extreme if you will. It could almost appear as though life is meant to be lived in this constant state of yo-yo-id-ness seasons - a time to weep and a time to cry for example. But I don't think that anymore....

I think what God is saying is that there are opposites to each season so that you can be equipped to 1. keep you consistent during both - keeping your eyes focused on Him allows extremes (seasons) to come and go, but GOD will remain the same (faithful, loving, truthful, provisional, perfect) and He wants US to remain the same by being in a constant state of rest in Him & 2. they are opposites, which help you to appreciate the know/recognize the know what to love is and is not, to know what hate is and is not. To know when to weep and what for and to know when to laugh and at what. 


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