02.23.11: Five Thoughts For February

Yep, that’s it - that’s all I had in February - just five thoughts. So for posterity here they are in no particular order. 
Mickey Mouse is not my favorite Disney character although I have an iconic tattoo of him. The design is an original and the “CDR” letters are my initials. I had it placed on the top of my left foot and yes, that hurt - however the healing process is what itched like crazy! And no, I would never get another one.

Oddly I don’t have a favorite Disney character. The tattoo is what Walt Disney & Walt Disney World represents to me: a place for fanciful imaginations & mind bending ingenuity. Walt is a wonderful example of the human spirit enduring and excelling to spite the circumstances. And The World itself is a very happy place to me which brings back wonderful family & childhood memories. 
There is a difference between flattery and a compliment and I prefer the latter. Flattery is saying : “Is your mom home?” to a 40 year old woman. That was actually said to me on 02.21.11 by a 20-something young lady who came to my door trying to sell something. A compliment is: “Caryn - that is the best shade of color your hair has ever been!”. Thanks to Beth Moore for that one!
My favorite discovery for February 2011 is a product by Crayola - markers for glass & mirrors. My bathroom mirror makes it look like I’ve been vandalized and/or have’s one hot mess that I am LOVING!! Trying standing in front of a mirror and drawing on a mustache or hair on yourself...cracked me up.
My 2 favorite phrases for February 2011 came from Kay Arthur: “You hangeth in there baby” & “When I said ‘To hell with you God!’ he said to me ‘To Heaven with you Kay!’.”
::Reflections Of Earth:: by Gavin Greenaway is my favorite piece of music, hands down. (Thanks to "prspeppers" on You Tube for making it available to hear!!) It’s like this emotional mix of The Nutcracker meets Celtic Thunder meets David Foster meets Drum Core masterpiece (I'm such a geek) - and I swear they must use every instrument known to man throughout the 9 1/2 minutes. The piece is a mix of whimsy, passion & power all wrapped into one. Let me tell you how much I like it....
If I were the composer...I would consider it my “Lifetime Achievement”
If I could play any instrument...I would play it every day
If I were a choreographer...I would spend my waking hours creating a routine to accompany it. My version includes...I mean my version WOULD include many costume changes, Riverdancers, ballet & tap masters and more than likely “jazz hands” and maybe some Muppets. 
If I were a dancer...I would be a whole heck of a lot thinner...I would dance to it frequently
If I were to become deaf...a small part of me would be happy that I could still hum it cause I know every note 
If I were my neighbors...I would file a complaint against me by now and if I were my car stereo speakers...I would have given out a long time ago - YEAH HONDA! I’m not obsessed or anything, but suffice to say I REALLY like this piece.

This piece explains a lot, doesn't it?

Hoping I Still Have Friends :) 

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