08.02.10: Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday! We seem to be separated by a little distance and time on your special day. My prayer is that God will see his way to helping that not be an issue. 

I'm sad that you had to leave. I'm still sad that your life ended the way it just doesn't seem fair. There are times like right now that I think it was especially unfair because life seems so out of sorts and dad's have a way of fixing the same way that mom's have a way of fixing things - no matter how old we get. You taught me not to complain and I realize that I'm doing that now, so on to bigger and better...

In a joke that only you will get, I somehow see you in the Dallas airport on your way back to Miami. I can see you sitting with mom and so many others that have transitioned on...sitting at a collective round table yucking it up with silly stories and catch phrases - "Alright sports fans, I've got one for you..." I would love to know what famous people you invited for the evening round table discussion, and what questions you plan on asking them. I know you will have a glorious time!!

And when it's time to leave, and you're home and settling in for the night...I hope you know that I miss you. That I am proud you are my dad. I hope to find a man who will court me the way you courted mom. I thank you for the bold laugh that you passed on to me and those bizarrely carried on family traits like a big butt and hips. I thank you for how you provided for us. I know times of your life were hard but I am proud of you for persevering. I am happy that you drew close to "JC & the boys" in your last months. Gene and I seem to be close...but in our own way. You would be proud that we do make the effort to see each other once a year at our favorite family retreat. Thank you for those memories. 

My "other dad" and I have been having a hard time with our you well know it's because of me, ha! I have trust issues and I need to be constantly reminded that He's there for me. I guess this would come as no surprise to you though. The good news is that He created me so he has an advantage - which I am sure you prayed for so many nights! I'm trying dad, I really am. I feel I get it wrong so many times, but I keep trying. There are certainly things I hope you can't see, and others that you can, ha. But enough about me. 

I miss you dad, but look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, tell mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Dee Dee, Paw Paw, Joy, Evelyn, Uncle Fred & R.F. hi for me. I miss them too, but it's not their birthdays yet so they don't get a letter. *SMILE*

Much Love, 
Your Daughter

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