03.17.10: I'm Communing With Nature!

So here's the deal. Last week when I started to notice all of these beautiful birds around the neighborhood and thought...if you supply it, they will come. Look at this cutie...

I went out and bought a seed "bell" for them. So every day I walk my boys I take my camera in the hopes of being able to capture a photo of them feeding, from a safe distance. I was all excited on Sunday because I anticipated that in a day or so it would be "the" place for the birds to hang out. Then and only then would I break out the bird feeder and some primo stuff. I'm kidding - I have no idea what a primo bird feed seed would be...but I care enough to do this. 

So here's the seed bell - and while it may look like they've eaten some, that's just because stuff fell off while it was packaged. Not one freaking seed has been eaten! I should know, I counted them all...yeah - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

And here's their new feeder...if they would ever cooperate. 

I feel like a mother telling her child "If you don't eat all the vegetables on your plate you won't get any dessert!". I'm convinced there is a conspiracy against me and they're just holding out for the good stuff. Damn birds. Now I'm going to have a bag of bird seed sitting in my house next to an empty feeder. The Salvation Army may be benefiting from the revolt instead of those bird. Take that you ungrateful little...I'm kidding! I just want to know what I did wrong :(

I guess I never told you the story of how I learned to spell dessert and how not to confuse it with desert. Did I just confuse you? That wasn't the best segway. I was telling my " won't get any dessert, story".... ok, we're tracking now? My teacher said dessert is spelled with two s's - just like you would want two desserts after dinner! Ok, admittedly it was not life changing but it has stuck with me all these years, and I thought as a child - heck yeah I'd want two desserts, not one desert. 

The other thing I have been doing is diligently watching the seeds I planted on Sunday. The instructions said to only put 2 or 3 seeds per pellet. Well, we all know that when it comes to stuff like this I like to just wing it. Plus I didn't have enough pellets to ONLY put 2 or 3 seeds. I had enough pellets to put AS MANY dang seeds as would fit in there. Don't pity my stupidity just yet - look what has sprouted since Sunday night...

I about fell over when I came home today. What you may not be able to see are the seeds that dropped in between the pellets - even those are sprouting! My herbs aren't doing anything yet, but the Zinnia's, Moon Glory and Morning Glory have burst forth - WOO HOO!!!

I like trying new things & it's ok if I don't succeed. But at least then I would be able to re-evaluate and maybe try it again or have clear confirmation I should just move on!

Hope you are having a great week - can't wait to see what the weekend brings! Oh, and Pix - 22 days and a wake up!!

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  1. YAY!! I'm counting too.
    I learned the difference between dessert and desert kinda the same way...everyone wants two desserts but no one ever wants more than one desert. But I think I didn't learn that 'til the Army!!
    Angie's an avid birdwatcher I'll ask her what the trick is...if there is a trick. Her yard is always full of birds but squirrels get at the feeders and scare the birds off. So I guess that's something to watch out for...birds might not be all you attracked with the feeders. Good Luck!