1.2.09: Flea Market Saturday

What an interesting day - a friend introduced me to flea markets!! It’s not that I’ve ever been "opposed" to them, but I didn’t really know what they were all “about” so they just got put on the back burner of my “I need to experience ‘this’" list.

And what an experience it was!! 
"We are the knights that say nee!"

The locations, the vendors, the food & smells. If you have a need for something fried, you'll find it here! The people, oh the people - this was the largest melting pot of Americans! And the merchandise...oh my word the merchandise. Anything and everything you ever / never wanted, needed, feared and loved - you could find it under the “big top”. Not to mention the childhood memories that came flooding back from seeing polyester pants, hula hoops and "vintage" Mr. Potato Head toys. 

This was a battery operated toy in which she rocked back and forth as her hair flailed all about. I am eternally grateful to Santa for never bringing me one of these. I would simply not be the same person I am today. 

This was my happy place - cooking stuff. 
Commercial sized pans, mixing bowls, 
measuring cups, gadgets and widgets galore. 

Seasoned cast iron pans...
I'm still mulling this potential purchase over.

This made me laugh cause someone 
thought to mass produce these. 
And it's 5 feet tall because...

And I learned about something called the "Slap Chop". 
I think the infomercial is what makes this product priceless. 
His tag line is "You'll love my nuts", no joke. 
Worth a trip over to YouTube to check it out.

And last but certainly not least -
$2.99 gen-u-ine leather pants. Nuff said.

Wait...wait. THIS is my "certainly last but not least" favorite photo of the day

We hit two markets - the Bargain House of Fleas on Blanding Blvd and the Johnson Family Flea & Farmer's Market on Ramona Blvd. Both are worth a look-see and Johnson's is where you'll find the red knight. You've been warned: parking is a nightmare at both. 

My favorite part? The fruits and vegetables!! It was amazing to see the variety and freshness of it all - not to mention the prices! The stand where these photos were taken was found at Johnson's Family Flea & Farmer's Market . What a sweet family-owned boot it was. I'm sorry I didn't get their names or the name of their business but I will certainly be shopping here for all my produce needs! What a fantastic resource to have in my own back yard AND I get to support local growers. I wish these photos were “smellable” - ENJOY!!


White chicken chili...

Dying to try them...

And these...

And of course these...

And maybe some of these...

It not only made me hungry, it got my creative juices flowing for recipe ideas. Not flowing enough to do anything about it TODAY, but flowing just the same. I’m sitting here on my couch curled up with the boys and 3 blankets, tapping away on my laptop with a movie as background noise...and that seems to be the perfect place to be after a friends NYE whirlwind visit. I feel a nap coming on as I type this....enjoy YOUR Saturday!

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